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A Guide to Choosing Black Diamond Engagement Rings


Critics say that black diamond rings are just a fad, and it’s most likely that these gemstones will depreciate once the hype wears off. However, this doesn’t lessen the enjoyment that males are now discovering in the precious stone. Diamonds used to be a gemstone that only women appreciated. The white perfect diamond appeared to be too flashy for the male species. This is the reason why, in most engagements, only the women wore the ring. Today is a different matter, though.


Black diamond engagement rings have won the hearts of many men because of the character it exudes. Compared to the white gemstone that flashes light, quite literally, the black gemstone absorbs light. The darker they are, the higher it is graded, which is the complete opposite in white diamonds which is graded higher when it reflects lesser hues of color.


Transparent to translucent black diamonds are very rare. This is why if you’re planning to impress your husband with this gemstone, look for rings that exude this quality. You have to be prepared to spend a lot of money, though, because these stones can definitely break your budget.


The most impressive diamond engagement rings are set in white metal, so cross out yellow gold and other reddish metals off your list when you’re planning the design. The stone looks best when set against silver, platinum, titanium and white gold rings. To bring in more contrast, you can also try setting the stone with white gemstones. White and black diamonds complement each other, and it is highly likely that when they’re next to each other, their imperfections would be overlooked because the design would play on contrast.


Just because the stone exudes a more mysterious and masculine character, though, doesn’t mean that it’s designed specifically for males. You can give your wife or your fiance a black diamond jewel as well, as the stone’s beauty is also appreciated by women. As a matter of fact, black diamonds further gained popularity in the 90s when Carmen Electra was presented with her first giant black rock.


In choosing the carat value of your diamond, make sure that you purchase stones that are not exactly 1.00 carat. These flat 1.00 carat stones are poorly cut, because it’s mathematically impossible to cut a stone that weighs exactly 200 milligrams. If your black diamond rings are flat 1.00 carat ones, it’s most likely that the dealer had the cut compromised to give way for the stones’ carat values.


By Billy Bob Bronson


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Why Diamonds for Engagement Rings?


A diamond engagement ring is the must-have clincher for a man wanting to hear her say “Yes.” In fact, it is expected that the groom-to-be will spend a significant chunk of his salary on the ring — three months’ salary is the standard in the United States, Australiaand much of Europe.


This wasn’t always the case. Prior to the 20th century, it was more common for women to receive a sewing thimble as a token of her beloved’s devotion. The first engagement rings, called betrothal rings in the Christian tradition, came from an ancient Roman custom. In 1477, Mary of Burgundy, a duchess of theLow Countries, received the first known diamond engagement ring in 1477. Only women of status such as herself were commissioned such pieces. For hundreds of years, diamonds were not even thought to be a part of the engagement process.


Not until 1930 did the engagement trend start growing into the unavoidable topic of discussion among couples who are leaning toward marriage. EarlyHollywoodactresses wore the rings in their films and in public, inspiring the average American woman to take matters into their own hands. The boom of the diamond industry also made diamonds more affordable. Mining and cutting techniques improved and brought down the cost of producing a cut and polished diamond. By the 1950′s the largest diamond mining company in the world, De Beers Diamond Trading Corporation, started a very successful marketing campaign that opened the world to the idea that everyone could afford diamonds. The words “A Diamond is Forever” became the mantra of hopeful brides.


Today, a thimble just won’t cut it: an estimated 80% of women living in developed countries receive a diamond ring in exchange for lifelong vows. This number continues to increase as access to diamonds gets easier. Many people now purchase a diamond from an online jeweler. Most online stores today provide a much larger selection of diamonds at a lower cost than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. The online jeweler has the advantage of lower overhead costs since they do not have an expensive storefront to maintain. Many online jewelers pass these cost-savings onto consumers — making diamond engagement rings more affordable today than they were prior to the online shopping boom.


As a strong symbol of financial security and commitment, as well as a cherished heirloom to pass to the next generation, the diamond engagement ring may indeed be eternal.


Author: Charles Butler.


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How to Find the Perfect Princess Cut Diamond Best Engagement Rings


Finding the perfect engagement ring is no easy feat, and what’s even harder to find are white gold princess cut diamond engagement rings. With the high demand for white gold princess cut diamond rings it’s no surprise that once they do get out in the market, eager buyers snatch them up.


These special pieces of jewelry have become quite a favorite, especially among young girls, which makes them perfect rings for princess cut diamond best engagement rings white gold or perhaps a variation of it in a wedding ring.


If you think that these types of cuts are perfect for your future bride but can’t seem to find them, or don’t have the means of finding them, here are a few tips to help you out.


1. Make a friend, or two. It’s good to have a jeweler friend, or know someone in the industry. If you don’t know anyone at the moment, then make friends. Go to the jewelry shops you frequent and approach someone that you think could help you out. We don’t mean to take them out to dinner or buy them things, but introduce yourself and tell them your dilemma. They could help you out by letting you know as soon as princess cut white gold diamond rings are out in their stores, or perhaps get you in the waiting list. Or better yet, they could seek out and reserve the pieces for you, that way, if you don’t have the means of looking or have the time to wait around, they can do it for you. It helps to have a friend anywhere, all the more with something like this.


2. Look online. If you were unlucky in finding princess cut diamond rings white gold in your ventures, then you might have more luck finding them online. There are many companies who have started getting in the online venture, and there are jewelry shops that cater exclusively to online customers as well. They have an advantage because they actually have more products than some shops. This gives you the opportunity to look for one in their catalogues. Can’t find one? Then send them an email, maybe they can look for a couple of rings and have you choose among the ones they find. This is perfect for those who don’t have the time to go around looking at each of the shops.


3. Custom made. This would be the most ideal if you really can’t find what you’re looking for. Just have them custom made, that way, you get to have the perfect ring you’ve ever imagined. You can have custom made rings from a special jeweler, in some jewelry shops and even have them online. So there’s really no excuse of not finding the rings.


Hopefully these 3 tips help you get exactly what you want and help you get the perfect ring for your bride to be. Yes, it’s going to take a little more effort but this shouldn’t come as a surprise. For your bride, everything and anything is worth it.



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A Look at Fashion of Diamond Rings Best Engagement Rings


By Jo Ramani

To have a diamond ring, you do not need to be married, wealthy or engaged. This is a luxury that any woman can access. Women choose to wear fashionable ones, not limiting their choice to a type of diamond or a particular style. There are many rings that are fashionable with various kinds of diamonds and different styles, making it easier to find the perfect one for you. Here is a look at fashion of diamond rings:


Gemstones: Gemstones, when paired and put together with diamonds, make lovely combinations. They can be used to surround a small diamond as well. The most famous gemstones used in rings are emeralds, sapphires and rubies. This is a classic trend in fashion that will probably never change.


Engravings: Engraving your sparkling ring with a special message is the new trend in diamonds. By adding engravings to your ring, you add a lot of emotional value to it besides its financial value. This makes the diamond ring all the more valuable and meaningful.


Twisted settings: Twisted settings or bands are one of the latest fashions in diamond rings. You get the comfort of one ring, while creating an illusion of wearing many rings that are stacked together. You can enhance the look of your diamond ring with a good amount of texture so as to match any of your outfits. To make your ring look bold and powerful, put the twisted setting together with a gemstone.


Vintage rings: This is one of those fashions that almost never dies out with time. These offer highly intricate and specialized designs along with gemstones and diamonds, and there are no two of the same kind. These diamond vintage best engagement rings are available almost anywhere and everywhere. With a rare stroke of luck, you might get it at a very low cost as a few antique shops might not be fully aware of the value of the ring that they are about to sell.


Pendants: Diamonds rings are being styled on to pretty platinum and gold chains by many television personalities and fashion gurus. This trend is also catching on with the public now. To add an extra touch of bling, some add two or more rings to a single pendant as well. Make use of a solitaire ring as it has simplicity and forward design that suits this purpose. There are many quality diamond rings that follow these fashions today.

Select from an array of amazing quality diamond rings.


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Design Your Own Diamond Engagement Rings Info


By Shanu R

A diamond ring is a very special gift for that wonderful person in your life. Instead of going for one of the numerous designs available in the store, why don’t you design your own ring? By creating your own ring, you will not only add a personal touch to the jewellery piece, but also have control on the price.


There are numerous online jewellery stores that allow you to design your own ring. However, if you opt for customization, you need to be creative. If you have any design in your mind, put it on paper and hand it over to the jeweller and he will take care of the rest. If you don’t have any design in your mind, then you can check out online stores, their catalogues or designer collections or magazines etc., and finalize a design and make few changes to it according to your taste. Thus, you get a new design. However, if you tried out both the options, but still not satisfied with either, don’t worry because most of the online stores give you five options for customizing the ring.


First you should select the right setting – Classic, Elegant, Dramatic, Contemporary and Men’s Ring. When you choose the setting, think of the wearer’s personality and their tastes. If the receiver likes to keep things simple and traditional, go for the classic or elegant design. The dramatic and contemporary setting will be perfect for a person with an outgoing personality. You can also choose the material, yellow or white gold. Once you have decided about the design, discuss with the designer. Just share your ideas with him, though you are the ultimate decision maker.


The next step in the ring design process is to choose the diamond. In this step, there are so many things that you have to decide.


1. Pick the diamond shape of your choice. Your options include square, round, baguette, asscher, cushion, princess, radiant, emerald, oval, pear and heart.

2. Second, choose the cut, which is graded as H&A, excellent, very good and good.

3. Third, pick the diamond colour you want. The colour is graded in alphabets from D to K.

4. Select the clarity from IF to S12. This grade describes the diamond clarity from flawless to small inclusions.

5. Then decide on the carat value of the stone.

6. Finally, choose the price range.


By following these easy-to-understand steps, you can create your own diamond ring design. Now do you want to know, how to control the price of your purchase? In general genuine website helps you compare a particular set of specifications with another to help you pick the best one. To explain this clearly, for example, you have two choices:


1. Round 0.4kt diamond with an excellent cut, E colour and WS1 clarity.

2. Heart 0.5kt diamond with Very good cut, D colour, and VVS2 clarity.


The comparison chart helps you to find which diamond stone comes with a lower price tag. Now, is it not easy to control the price of the ring? Check more engagement rings info.



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Things You Need To Know Before Buying Pave Diamond Engagement Rings



By Dirk Rendel

Pave diamond rings are very distinctive and uniquely designed. They have tiny diamonds that are tightly and closely packed together that there is no band that is visible. These settings are made up of equally sized small diamonds that are in gold or platinum bands. This creates a fabulous sparkle which makes these rings very unique and beautiful. If you want to buy a pave diamond engagement rings there are several things that you need to look out for so as to get a perfect one.



There are very many styles and designs of these rings that you can choose from. These styles include diamond cathedral, bezel pave setting, antique, halo, channel pave setting, stardust and tiffany pave settings. They may also be in full pave setting or half pave. The prices of diamond pave rings vary according to the style, type of diamonds, the gold or platinum used in the band and the grades. When choosing a ring go for your favorite style which matches your budget. Ask your jeweler to help you choose the best style and design.



The quality of your ring is of great importance. Going for a pave diamond ring is proof enough that you are looking for quality and nothing less. High quality rings have the diamonds placed closely together showing very little metal. If the ring has its diamonds placed far apart then it is sub standard. High quality rings will have its stones evenly spaced to create a harmonious and continuous flow. This flow is what gives the ring the beauty and brilliance that it is supposed to have.



Like every other jewelery, a ring has to be fitting your finger comfortably. Pave diamond rings should not be sized up or down. Instead have your ring made in your exact size. Sizing the ring up and down loosens up the diamonds and they may start falling off with time. This is because these stones are either pronged or just pushed into the gold. You may not be able to get your ring instantly since it takes time to have your own ring made but in the long run it will be worth the waiting.



You are supposed to see the different stones clearly with the naked eye. If you can’t tell the difference among the tiny stones then do not go for that ring. If clarity is low the fire and brilliance of the ring is also affected. Remember, you are buying this type ring for its fire and brilliance. It is recommended that you do not buy a ring whose clarity range is below I1. Any range above this is good quality and will give you what you want.


The color

You need to choose the color of the gold that your diamonds will be set in. when you go to the jeweler ensure that if your stones are to be set on white gold then they should be color J and above. Why is this? Any color after J will be showing a yellow tint on a white gold setting.


The cut

The cut of your diamond ring determines its fire and brilliance. Ensure that the cut of every diamond is clear and perfect to get the best performance of your ring. If the cut is perfect the other characteristics are usually perfect too.


The weight

This should not be a big concern since these pave diamond rings are quite light despite the fact that they contain a multitude of tiny diamonds with 57 facets each.


There you have it. If you need to buy one of these for engagement rings then go and look for the best based on the above information. Remember that you may need to send the ring to the jeweler once in a while to ensure that the stones are seated firmly otherwise they may start falling off. You also need to maintain your ring and clean it appropriately. Do not scrub the ring instead just dip in it soapy water then remove it and rinse. You can also take it to the jeweler for professional cleaning. This will ensure that your ring serves its purpose for a long time.



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Types of Diamond Engagement Rings Info Settings


Diamonds are set in different ways on the ring. The beauty of the diamond ring design is highlighted by the setting type. The common diamond ring setting types are prong, channel, tension, bezel, pave, gypsy and more. You can visit online stores to buy diamond rings at unbelievable prices. Most people just take a look at the engagement rings info and design, the diamond ring price and the size of the stone before picking a diamond ring. Do you know the type of stone setting determines its look and the shine? Take a look at some of the ring settings before you buy a diamond ring online.


Prong Setting

One of the most common settings used, it features four or more “metal claws” that rise vertically from the band and curve over the stone holding it in place. Prong setting maximizes the amount of light entering the stone and gives you very high brilliance. The prongs can be rounded, flat, pointed or V-shaped. Four prongs are usually enough to hold the stone in place, but six prongs will give you a secure seating. The number of claws depends on the stone size. If you are picking a diamond ring with an emerald-cut stone, check if it has flat prongs. While choosing rings with marquise, heart or pear-shaped diamonds, check out if the points of the stone are held securely within the cradle of the V-shaped prong. One downside of this setting type is that you should be careful that the prongs don’t come loose or the stone could fall off. Since most of the stone is exposed, the chances of snagging on to cloths, hair and other stuff are higher. The price of a diamond ring is a little less as it uses less metal than other setting types.


Bezel Setting

One of the oldest used setting types, the designs with bezel setting feature a raised collar that holds the precious stone in place. This setting type is mostly used in men’s rings, and ensures that the diamond is securely fitted to the metal band. As almost the entire stone is fitted inside the metal band, there are no chances of snags or falling off like prong setting. Though you will not be able to get as much brilliance as that of a prong setting, you don’t have to keep worrying about the stone falling off. This kind of setting is ideal if you want to buy a diamond ring for daily wear.


Tension Setting

This kind of setting makes it look as if the diamond is floating on the metal band. The stone is pressed between two metal pieces into a small groove called “seat”, and held in place by the tension between the two pieces. A ring design with this setting type brings the focus completely on the stone.


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Diamond Best Engagement Rings for Women



Diamond rings are amongst the most popular jewelry sought by women. No matter, what the occasion is, it’s a rare thing to see a woman without a diamond or two flashing on her left ring finger. Now, let’s look at how diamond rings can be classified. They can be categorized by the occasion for which they are acquired. Some are named after the design itself, while others are named after the colored stones that are used to highlight the diamond rings.


Diamond engagement rings:

This is one of the most popular occasions to purchase a diamond ring. A man presents this ring to his beloved along with the proposal of marriage. If she accepts the ring, it indicates her acceptance of his proposal. Thereafter, she wears it as a symbol of the engagement. While only women traditionally wear best engagement rings, these days it is not uncommon to see both man and woman wearing matching engagement rings. Traditionally, engagement rings are gold bands with a solitaire diamond. Nowadays, Platinum diamond rings are most commonly used for engagement. Though they are expensive, men are not stepping back because they want to celebrate this one time occasion with grandeur and they want to show how much he loves her. However, people who are allergic to platinum now prefer palladium diamond rings over the former. Palladium looks similar to that of platinum and has the same durability and strength. Apart from being hypoallergenic, palladium is also cheaper compared to platinum and this is another reason for its increasing demand.


Diamond wedding rings:

Weddings rings as the name suggests, indicate that they are exchanged by the couple during the wedding. Usually worn on the left ring finger, this custom, which originated inEuropehas now spread across cultures in various parts of the world. Traditionally wedding rings are simple gold bands. In recent times, however, this has made way for flashier designs with diamond-studded rings being the most popular. Those who can afford for platinum, go for it, while others opt for palladium, white gold or yellow gold rings with diamonds, depending on their financial status.


Diamond anniversary rings:

Men commonly express their love for their wives by giving them a diamond ring for their anniversary. Heart shapes and other symbols of love are common in anniversary collections. They are made of either yellow or white gold.


Combination Rings:

These rings combine a diamond with another stone in its design. This is common particularly in birthstone designs where rubies, emeralds, citrine and other birthstones are combined with diamonds to create dazzling designs. Depending on the financial status, men often present them for Valentine’s Day, birthdays etc. Apart from those discussed above, they are available in various designs to go with either traditional or western wear for an evening out. Diamonds are equally popular with designers and shoppers. You often find designs inspired by nature, the elements, festivals etc. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend goes the saying, and you’ll find this absolutely true, when it comes to rings.


By Prakash K Singh


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Love With Diamond Engagement Rings Info

By Dirk Rendel


Diamond eternity rings symbolize unwavering, steadfast love and are some of the most popular choices for anniversary rings. It is typically worn by the wife and is characterized by a continuous or “eternal” line of specially cut, identical diamonds. As it symbolizes unending love, the eternity ring is usually presented by the husband during milestone wedding anniversaries.


History of the Eternity Style Ring

Diamond eternity rings first came to life during the 1960s. The popular diamond seller, De Beers came up with the concept when the prevailing trend in wedding rings at the time was setting a large singular gem onto the ring piece. It was an inherent agreement between De Beers and theSoviet Unionthat birthed the eternity ring. The Soviets required the company to purchase around 90% of their rough uncut diamonds in exchange for control over a large portion of the world supply for diamonds. These rough diamonds were generally smaller in Carats, prompting the company to start a brand new campaign that eventually led to the creation of eternity rings. At the time, these diamond eternity rings were made with older married females as the target market.


Full Style vs. Half Style

Many found that having several diamonds set around the ring was quite cumbersome. This prompted the development of an alternative style which placed the precious gems only on the face portion of the ring.


Full Styles

This is the conventional eternity ring design which sets the diamonds around the ring. While it is cumbersome for some people, it still remains to be a popular choice amongst women. There are several settings that conform to the traditional full style, most of which make it seem like the diamonds are floating endlessly around the wearer’s finger. To decrease the cumbersome and often uncomfortable feeling, manufacturers usually set smaller diamonds on those diamond rings.


The nature of the full design makes it more challenging to make compared to the half style ring. These rings cannot be re-sized easily, making the number of diamonds to be used, as well as the number of carats, highly dependent on the size of the ring. Ultimately, the more diamonds and carats there are, the pricier the ring.


Half Styles

The half style ring answers the need of removing the inherent discomfort of full style rings while keeping to the overall symbolism of the ring. Because the diamonds are only set across the face portion of the ring, half style diamond eternity rings are undeniably much easier to make and more affordable than their full style counterparts. While the full style is well suited for small stones, larger stones can be set in half style rings. Furthermore, more and more women now prefer the half style ring since it openly displays all of the precious gems.


The Ring for All Time

While diamonds are the usual choice for these rings, other stones like emeralds and sapphires can also be designed into these wonderful pieces of jewelry. Other designs predominantly use diamonds while adding in a few other types of gems. Couples can use many shapes and cuts for their eternity rings, from oblongs, squares and rectangles. To this day, diamond engagement rings info remain to be the most popular anniversary gift of any husband to his wife, with its innate symbolism of unwavering and eternal love.


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Different Types of Diamond Engagement Rings


By Bindhu R B

Are you planning to buy diamond rings? There are numerous diamond ring designs, styles and models you can pick from. A diamond ring’s price depends upon the carat, cut, colour and clarity. You can also buy diamond ring online at an affordable price. There are many types of diamond rings and each one has its own style and design. Some of the popular diamond ring types are given below for your reference. It has become a more affordable and easy way to purchase diamond jewellery from reputable online stores due to the availability of wide range of choice regarding to the size design and price.


Classic Solitaire:

As the name suggests, this ring type has a traditional diamond ring design that features a single diamond prong set on a band. This simple design just has one diamond at the centre held by four or six delicate prongs. You can also go for elaborate designs in which small diamonds are channel set around the band. Another popular classic ring design features three or five diamonds set at the centre.


Engagement Rings:

An engagement symbolises a couple’s love for each other and the promises made to each other. This design generally features a huge stone set on a wide band. Some people may break the norm and choose rings with other gemstones, especially stones that are believed to bring luck to the person. If you wish to promise your love that you would get engaged one day, then you can gift the promise ring. This ring may or may not have diamond stones and the design usually has a heart or a lover’s knot at the centre.


Wedding Ring:

Though the style and design of a wedding ring depends on the person, the traditional wedding ring design is a plain gold or platinum band. Modern wedding rings, however, have diamonds set on the band. Wedding rings generally match the style of the engagement ring. Some couples exchange the three-stone ring, which is also known as the “Past, Present and Future” ring. This romantic ring captures the significance of the wedding vows and the promises made to each other.


Eternity Ring:

Symbolising never-ending love, this ring is usually gifted by the husband to his wife on a special occasion. This has a continuous line of similar diamonds set around the band.


Friendship Ring:

Featuring a simple design, this ring symbolises a close relationship without any romantic feelings.


Cocktail Ring:

This extra sized ring has a large diamond or any other gemstone set at the centre. Also called as cluster ring or dinner ring, it is usually worn for parties and special occasion.


Though it is small in size, the significance it carries is large. Choose the right type according to the occasion and the wearer’s personality. Its price depends on its cut, colour, carat, and clarity. You can buy these online at super low prices. These online stores have a large selection with different types and designs from which you can choose. You can go through the testimonials of previous customers, through which you can get information of the quality of the diamonds of the store and also gives an idea of the price range.



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