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Where Can You Get Diamond Engagement Rings at the Lowest Prices?


Apart from being a symbol of love and affection, diamond rings also show off your fashion quotient. Whether you want to buy a diamond engagement rings for yourself or for that special person in your life, go to places that offer style and quality packaged in an affordable bundle. You can either visit your local jewellery store or log on to an e-store according to your convenience and preference.


When you go to a physical jewellery store in your neighborhood, you can see, touch and checkout the ring before you make your purchase. But to ensure that you are getting good value for your money, you may have to visit numerous stores before you decide on where and what to buy. You end up spending money not only for the diamond engagement rings, but also for the other expenses that invariably occur when you go for shopping. All these disadvantages completely disappear when you buy diamond rings from online stores. You can visit numerous online jewellery stores from the comfort of your home without spending an extra money. As most web stores tend to have national or international presence, they display an incredible range of diamond rings that you may not find in your neighborhood store. Take advantage of festival sales and offers when internet stores offer high discounts on diamond rings. Another huge advantage of buying from online stores is that most e-stores offer free shipping and delivery, which means more savings for you.


Now that you have an idea of the benefits of buying diamond ring from online stores, you should know where to shop at. Don’t trust an online store just because it offers high discounts or because it has very good advertisements. Check out the online reputation of the web jewellery store at group discussions and forums. You can also ask friends who frequently opt for online shopping for their input. Visit their website; read the terms and conditions, exchange policy, shipping and deliver policy and testimonials before you go shopping there.


Apart from those factors mentioned above, make sure that the online jewellery store offers latest designs. Some e-stores let their customers to customize the jewellery. So, if you want to design a special ring for that special person in your life, make sure to opt for e-stores which provide customization of jewellery. Last but not the least make sure that the e-store provides certification for the jewellery you purchased from them. Certification is nothing but a proof that the jewellery is in complete compliance with the said purity. Certification is a must if you are buying diamond jewellery.


By Ramana D Dev


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Shopping for a Diamond Engagement Rings


When it comes to deciding on the right diamond engagement rings, it is important to choose wisely as this ring is something that should be cherished for a long-time to come. A sparkling diamond ring might feature a single diamond surrounded by other smaller diamonds or those consisting of a simple large stone, which are known as the solitaire rings.


The quality of a cut diamond is extremely important, especially with an engagement ring. When shopping for a ring its sensible to visit several respected jewelers to ensure you are getting a high-quality and sparkling stone. You might well be able to find some great bargains at a discount jewelry store, but those stones are more likely than not flawed. Search for a jewelers which has established a solid reputation and has been in business for a good number of years.


A 1-carat stone is often seen as a nice size stone for a diamond engagement ring, with the stone at this size at a high-quality and value. Stones in the 1 to 1.5-carat range can feature some truly spectacular diamonds. Although, it is certainly possible to go a lot small, even at a 0.15 to 0.25-carat range, if the budget isn’t able to stretch to the bigger stones. It is also possible to have multiple stones in a ring at various carat weights, with the main diamond always being of the highest quality.


Beyond the clarity, shape and size of a diamond, you also need to consider the quality of the actual ring which will be showcasing the stones. Common choices include gold, titanium and platinum, which are all strong enough to ensure the diamond is kept in place. Preferred ring settings include those in either 14 or 18-carat platinum or gold. Although 24-carat gold is seen as a pure weight it isn’t strong enough to hold a diamond in place.


Once the ideal type of engagement ring is decided on, it is important not to forget to have it sized at the right size to fit the finger properly. If a ring is too small or too big, it can often be easily adjusted by visiting a local jeweler who shouldn’t have any difficulty changing the size, which might come with a small change to complete this type of work. An ideal fit for an engagement ring is one that fits not overly tight, but not too loose that it might accidentally slip from the finger.


By Sam J Loeb


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Love With Diamond Engagement Rings Info

By Dirk Rendel


Diamond eternity rings symbolize unwavering, steadfast love and are some of the most popular choices for anniversary rings. It is typically worn by the wife and is characterized by a continuous or “eternal” line of specially cut, identical diamonds. As it symbolizes unending love, the eternity ring is usually presented by the husband during milestone wedding anniversaries.


History of the Eternity Style Ring

Diamond eternity rings first came to life during the 1960s. The popular diamond seller, De Beers came up with the concept when the prevailing trend in wedding rings at the time was setting a large singular gem onto the ring piece. It was an inherent agreement between De Beers and theSoviet Unionthat birthed the eternity ring. The Soviets required the company to purchase around 90% of their rough uncut diamonds in exchange for control over a large portion of the world supply for diamonds. These rough diamonds were generally smaller in Carats, prompting the company to start a brand new campaign that eventually led to the creation of eternity rings. At the time, these diamond eternity rings were made with older married females as the target market.


Full Style vs. Half Style

Many found that having several diamonds set around the ring was quite cumbersome. This prompted the development of an alternative style which placed the precious gems only on the face portion of the ring.


Full Styles

This is the conventional eternity ring design which sets the diamonds around the ring. While it is cumbersome for some people, it still remains to be a popular choice amongst women. There are several settings that conform to the traditional full style, most of which make it seem like the diamonds are floating endlessly around the wearer’s finger. To decrease the cumbersome and often uncomfortable feeling, manufacturers usually set smaller diamonds on those diamond rings.


The nature of the full design makes it more challenging to make compared to the half style ring. These rings cannot be re-sized easily, making the number of diamonds to be used, as well as the number of carats, highly dependent on the size of the ring. Ultimately, the more diamonds and carats there are, the pricier the ring.


Half Styles

The half style ring answers the need of removing the inherent discomfort of full style rings while keeping to the overall symbolism of the ring. Because the diamonds are only set across the face portion of the ring, half style diamond eternity rings are undeniably much easier to make and more affordable than their full style counterparts. While the full style is well suited for small stones, larger stones can be set in half style rings. Furthermore, more and more women now prefer the half style ring since it openly displays all of the precious gems.


The Ring for All Time

While diamonds are the usual choice for these rings, other stones like emeralds and sapphires can also be designed into these wonderful pieces of jewelry. Other designs predominantly use diamonds while adding in a few other types of gems. Couples can use many shapes and cuts for their eternity rings, from oblongs, squares and rectangles. To this day, diamond engagement rings info remain to be the most popular anniversary gift of any husband to his wife, with its innate symbolism of unwavering and eternal love.


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The Tradition of Diamond Engagement Rings Info

It is a well-known fact that diamond rings have, for a long time, been the first choice for engagement rings. For centuries, the diamond is considered as the symbol of universal love and eternal commitment. The strength, stability, durability and of course, the beauty of diamonds is what makes this stone symbolic of the tradition of the everlasting institution of marriage.


It is a belief that the common tradition of gifting engagement rings that feature the diamond stone as the centerpiece had its origin in the year 1477 when the Austrian Archduke Maxmillian gifted his lady Mary of Burgundy with a diamond ring.


This proposal started the trend of the diamond engagement ring although it was strictly limited to the famous and wealthy as diamonds were rare in that period and not affordable to the common people. All around the world, the tradition spread with suitors making proposals to their betrothed and beloved with these sparkly gems.


The tradition continued to spread for the next few centuries amongst the families of the rich and noble. However, in the year 1870, the discovery of the Kimberly diamond mines inSouth Africaopened new doors for the diamond industry increasing the affordability and availability of these precious stones to the general masses.


With increased supply and reduced costs, even the commoners who did not ‘don a crown’ had the opportunity to make investments in diamonds. The newfound supply flooded the markets and sales flourished like never before in theUnited StatesandEurope.


Towards the end of the 1930′s theUSgained a premium position in the world market for high-quality diamonds with effective production of the diamond engagement ring, making it a common choice in the country.Europe’s sales dropped due to the onset of World War II. The Great Depression also hit the two continents but theUSstill held on to the idea that these precious gems are everlasting and they should be passed down from one generation to the next. The tradition has since then continued with diamond holding its significance still.


Tradition also says that these exquisite diamond rings are to be worn along with the wedding band on the ring finger of the left hand. This has its origin inGreecewhere the people believed that the left ring finger has a vein- the vena amoris that runs directly to the heart, serving as a symbol that the gifted exquisite diamond engagement rings info links directly to the heart.


By Jo Ramani


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Your Guide to Buying a Diamond Engagement Rings




Before you pop the question, you’ll want to pick out the perfect engagement ring to present to your girlfriend when you ask her to marry you. Of course, as you begin shopping for a ring, you’ll quickly find that many diamond rings are available to choose from today. If you shop for jewellery online, you’ll find even more options available to you. How do you make the right choice so you can present her with a ring she’ll love? To help you make the right decision, here is a simple guide to buying a diamond engagement rings.


Know Your Budget

Before purchasing an engagement ring, make sure you know your budget. Figure out what you can afford before you ever visit a jewellery store. The last thing you want is to get talked into a piece of jewellery that is far over your budget. When trying to figure out how much you can spend, it’s recommended to never spend more than two months’ salary, so you avoid overextending your budget. Once you know how much you can spend, then decide how you’ll be making the payments, such as using a credit card, financing the ring or paying with cash.


Choose the Metal

The next thing to do is to choose the metal you want for the ring you’re purchasing. Some of the top choices available for diamond rings include platinum, yellow gold and platinum. If you’re going with gold, 14k gold is usually the best option. While platinum is a stunning choice, remember that it can be very expensive.


Decide on the Diamond Shape

Now you’ll need to choose the diamond shape. One of the most popular and affordable options is the round, or brilliant cut. This option looks amazing and you’ll never go wrong with this choice. Of course, the princess cut diamond is also quite popular, and this shape of diamond looks really big as well. While these are the most popular options, you may want to research and consider some of the other cuts available as well.


Consider the Three Cs (Carat, Clarity and Color)

Next, you need to consider the three Cs when picking out the perfect engagement ring. The three Cs are Carat, Clarity and Color. Keep in mind that the solitaire stone is the main showpiece, so focus most of the carat weight in this stone. The exact carat weight you choose will probably depend on the amount you can spend. Clarity is important as well and it’s a good idea to research clarity and the different ranges of clarity. Average clarity in diamonds is considered SI1 clarity and it’s usually a bad idea to go any lower. Last, color is important as well. H-Color is the average color available; however, going up to a G-H can definitely be a great choice. Keep in mind that the closer to pure white you get, the brighter the diamond appears.


These are just a few of the helpful things to keep in mind as you consider the various diamond rings available and choose the perfect one for your girlfriend. Make sure you do plenty of research before making your final decision. Also, don’t forget that you want a ring that you and your fiancé to be will love.


By Dave G Thompson


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A Brief History of Diamond Engagement Rings

A diamond ring is considered as the ultimate symbol of love and commitment. The history of diamond engagement rings is as rich and bright as the stone itself. InIndia, diamonds were discovered during the 4th century BC, and were used in talismans, ornaments, and cutting tools. During the dark ages, it was believed that ingesting diamonds could cure diseases and heal wounds.


So, from when did diamond become a romantic symbol? The history of diamond engagement rings didn’t begin inIndia, but started inAustriawhen Archduke Maximilian sent a diamond-studded ring to Mary of Burgundy in the year 1477. It is the first recorded diamond engagement ring. History says that Egyptians used to create ring designs with ivory, hemp, leather or bone that were worn on the fourth finger of the left hand.


If you take a look at Greek history, you will see that they wore plain betrothal rings, which were made from iron, copper, gold or silver. The choice of material depended on the financial status of the person. Sometimes they used to engrave messages or poems on the rings. The history of engraved rings perhaps started from here.


In the 15th century, the Archduke of Austria started the trend of presenting diamond rings to their intended, but not everyone were able to follow the tradition because diamonds were too costly. Those who couldn’t afford diamonds offered Gimmel, or Claddagh rings to their fiancés. This engagement ring is made of two rings, and both the lovers wear one each. On the day of the wedding, both the rings are put together and slipped on the bride’s finger. During the 17th and 18th centuries, ring designs featuring coloured gemstones gained popularity. These rings were not only colourful, but significantly lighter on the pocket as well.


After diamond mines were discovered inAfricain the 18th century, prices came down, making them affordable to all. The popularity of diamond increased since then; thanks to the marketing campaign of DeBeers, which came up with the slogan “Diamonds are forever”. Now, you can find numerous styles and models of these rings that are designed to suit everyone’s tastes and preferences.


Aping the west, the custom of gifting rings to fiancés slowly became a part of the Indian culture too. To keep up with the increasing market demand, numerous e-jewellery stores sprung up on the internet. You can buy rings from online jewellery stores online at unbelievable prices.


By Subash Sharma V


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