Best Engagement Rings For Best Romantic Proposal Ideas

Engagement Rings Best Romantic Proposal Ideas

Best Engagement Rings For Best Romantic Proposal Ideas

Approximately 300,000 people get married a year in the UK alone, which means that potentially half that number of people have found themselves in the very situation which you are in now; you have decided that she is the one but are struggling to find the best way to ask the person that you love to be your wife. When it comes to proposing marriage, combining originality and tradition is a vital prerequisite to making the day that you propose memorable, for all of the right reasons!

One question which your partner is going to be asked for the rest of her life is “So how did he propose?” That is why it is your obligation to make this moment something that she will love talking about for many years to come!

Below are some ideas that may help you determine the best way to “pop the question”, whether you stick to them word for word or derive your own interpretation of each idea is up to you.

A Romantic Meal For Two

Take your girlfriend to the best restaurant in town and propose to her there. You could try arranging something with the staff so that the lights go dim or the engagement ring be brought out to her under a tray. If you girlfriend is quite a shy or reserved person then it is probably not the best idea to get the focus of the whole restaurant on to you both; you can decide what is best suited to your proposal. The restaurant does not necessarily have to be really flash or expensive. If you have a special restaurant that you usually visit together, then this could be the perfect place for your proposal.

Transform Her Home

Imagine the scene, your girlfriend comes home from work to find her house transformed into the most beautiful and romantic place on earth, with you in the heart of it all on one knee with a rose and engagement ring. Covering your girlfriends’ home with her favourite flowers and candles is sure to be a fantastic surprise when she sees it. If filling the whole house with flowers is not an option, then why not have a trail of rose petals leading to where she will find you ready to present her with an engagement ring.

Sky Writing

Granted, this way of asking the “big question” is quite extravagant and will cost money, but it is surely worth it? If it is possible for you to organise a sky writing company to create the words “Will You Marry Me [Girlfriends Name]” in the sky then this is both romantic and fun. You will need to firstly organise a time and place where the pilot can ensure that your girlfriend will see your proposal, you could maybe go for a picnic, walk along the beach or something similar.

Propose On Her Birthday

Proposing on your girlfriends birthday is a great idea; if you can wait that long! There are a number of ways that you can approach this but one fantastic opportunity would be with her birthday card. Of course when she opens the card she is going to be expecting a lovely card telling her how much you love her, what she will not be expecting is the card to say “Happy Birthday To My Fiancé”. By the time she has realised what the card says you can be down on one knee and presenting her with her Engagement Ring.

Propose On The Radio/ In The Paper

A public proposal on either her favourite radio station or in the local paper is also another fantastic idea. A loving message declaring your love for her can then be backed up in person with an engagement ring, one knee and a rose. When you know that your proposal is going to aired on in the paper call your girlfriend and tell her to tune in!

On The Beach As The Sun Sets

White sands, sun setting on the horizon, the melodic sound of the ocean and you down on one knee; could there be a more picturesque venue for your proposal? Whether you are on a beach in the Maldives or on the South coast of England, proposing on the beach at sunset is a fantastic setting for your proposal. Take your loved one for a romantic stroll along the beach and when you feel that the time is right get down on one knee and declare your love for her!

Inside an Easter Egg/Kinder Egg

Sometimes the most subtle of proposals have the biggest impact! Buy your girlfriend an Easter egg or kinder egg and carefully dismantle the egg in such a way that you can melt it back together once you have put the engagement ring inside the egg. It would be a good idea to also arrange for a special meal the evening that you have proposed to make the day even more special.

Design Your Own Banner

Make a banner and display it in a place that you are sure your girlfriend is going to be, e.g. hang a huge banner over a bridge or something similar which she would pass on her way to work which has the words “[Girlfriends Name] Will You Marry Me” wrote on it. You can then follow your girlfriend into work and propose again, down on one knee with her engagement ring and a rose!

A Ribbon Around A Dog/Cats Collar

Attach the engagement ring to your dog or cats collar and have them take the engagement ring to your girlfriend. Obviously the animal cannot do the talking for you so you need to back this up in person, down on one knee.

A Hot Air Balloon Ride

How better to propose to the one that you love; drifting across the horizon drinking a glass of champagne and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Present your girlfriend with her engagement ring whilst you are thousands of feet above ground!

On The Big Screen

Take your girlfriend to a football game or some other form of sporting event and have your marriage proposal appear on the big screen at half time. You can then be down on one knee ready to declare you love for her and present her with the engagement ring.

A Banner In The Sky

Organise a trip to the great outdoors with your girlfriend and have a pilot fly by trailing a banner with the words “will you marry me” wrote on it. An extravagant and overstated proposal like this is a sure way to surprise and delight her!

In A Christmas Cracker

Christmas is a magical time of year and is always a good time to propose to your loved one; but there are a couple of do’s and don’ts that you need to consider before proposing at Christmas. Firstly, Engagement Rings should never substitute for your girlfriends Christmas present; this does not go down very well! That said, putting the ring inside a Christmas cracker is a really cool and inventive way of proposing as long as your cracker does not get mixed up with anyone else’s!

Jack In The Box

Firstly you need to find a box which is big enough for you to hide inside of, you then need to decorate the box as if it was some form of huge present. Go to your girlfriends work and ask the receptionist to tell your girlfriend that there is a parcel waiting for her down at reception; you may have to clear this with her boss first. When your girlfriend comes down to collect the parcel you leap out of it like a jack in the box dressed in your best suit with your best engagement rings and a rose!

Visit A Famous Landmark

Organise a trip for you and your partner to visit a famous landmark, which landmark you choose is up to you but some good ideas would include:

· Ben Nevis

· Lands’ End

· Angel Of The North

· Stonehenge

· The London Eye

The list of famous landmarks goes on. After enjoying looking around the landmark of your choice propose to your girlfriend down on one knee. If this place was not already special to you, it sure is now and will offer a great venue to come back to for anniversaries to come, reminiscing about the day that you were engaged to become man and wife!

However you plan on proposing, try and be as inventive and original as you possibly can! You also need to ensure that you have the perfect choices on engagement rings for your partner.

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