Blue Diamond Best Engagement Rings Ever!

By Dirk Rendel

The exuberance of diamond jewelry is unbeatable. Diamond jewelry with transparent or clear diamonds in them is purchased by most people. However, the trend of diamond jewelry is growing. Blue happens to be one of the finest and most attractive colors in diamonds and in comparison to clear diamonds, colored ones are preferred by many people.


In any woman’s wish list, blue gemstones are a must have jewelry item and there are a variety of styles and designs to choose from. Blue diamonds are found in varying hues and styles. The most costly diamonds are the ones that have a deep blue hue just like that of a blue sapphire. Other renowned hues are ocean-blue and icy blue. The price of blue diamonds depends on the carat, quality and shape of the diamonds in the rings.


Why They Are Considered A Novelty

Among’st the diamonds that have fancy colors, blues are considered the most costly and rare ones. The presence of boron in a diamond is what gives it its blue color. Blue diamonds traditionally came from India, where locals had been wearing them for many years. Blue diamonds are mined in South Africa and Australia.


Blue diamonds are utterly rare and this is the reason that blue diamond jewelry is not easy to obtain and is regarded as a novelty. Defects in the crystal lattice structure of a diamond or chemical impurities produce the blue hues in blue colored diamonds. Boron impurities are present in some diamonds that give them their beautiful blue color.


Before blue gems are fitted into rings, their price is determined by their carat weight. In comparison to the smaller ones, larger diamonds cost more. The value of a diamond does not really depend on clarity. The beauty of the stone is mostly enhanced by its cut and shape, all of which play a major role in the determination of the final value of the diamond.



For whatever reason you decide to select a diamond to go on a ring, your task will not be complete until you make sure that your diamond is showcased in the best possible manner.


Ring settings: You can go for an unusual personalized setting in order to highlight a your stone. You will find numerous customized setting designs and styles that have their own conventional significance. The position of the gemstone that is mounted describes the setting types. For a traditional look and outward simplicity, the definitive Tiffany setting is selected by many people. Another conventional setting is the invisible setting, in which the diamond rests in a cup and is connected with a bypass design or split. A blue diamond ring can be made more unique if an unusual personalized setting is selected.


Ring metal: Diamonds are best highlighted when they are set into white gold rings. While traditional yellow gold rings can also be used, but at times, the diamonds are negatively impacted. The glittering appearance of the diamonds might get cut by the gold making them appear dull, while white gold allows them to stand out. Blue diamonds will also sparkle more with rings that are made of other metal forms that have monochrome hues.


Ring accents: The appearance of a blue diamond in a ring can be enhanced by using a few complimentary diamonds such as red semi-precious or orange stones. Blue diamonds are often chosen as a means of complimenting the main white diamond. Many people even try replacing blue diamonds with some reasonably priced precious stones such as blue cubic zirconia, sapphire and topaz.


Artificial Blue Diamonds

Since natural blues are not easy to find, methods to produce intensely colored diamonds have been developed. Today, heat, pressure and radiation are used to treat diamonds to create the distinct blue hues. It is believed by jewelers that the manufacturing process of today produces these stones just like they were produced naturally millions of years ago. This is the reason this jewelry like earrings, pendants or rings have become quite common and popular.


These stones are rare and are not easy to obtain. This is what makes blue diamond rings a splendid choice as best engagement rings to propose to a bride-to-be or simply as a gift, as a token of love.



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