Design Your Own Diamond Engagement Rings Info


By Shanu R

A diamond ring is a very special gift for that wonderful person in your life. Instead of going for one of the numerous designs available in the store, why don’t you design your own ring? By creating your own ring, you will not only add a personal touch to the jewellery piece, but also have control on the price.


There are numerous online jewellery stores that allow you to design your own ring. However, if you opt for customization, you need to be creative. If you have any design in your mind, put it on paper and hand it over to the jeweller and he will take care of the rest. If you don’t have any design in your mind, then you can check out online stores, their catalogues or designer collections or magazines etc., and finalize a design and make few changes to it according to your taste. Thus, you get a new design. However, if you tried out both the options, but still not satisfied with either, don’t worry because most of the online stores give you five options for customizing the ring.


First you should select the right setting – Classic, Elegant, Dramatic, Contemporary and Men’s Ring. When you choose the setting, think of the wearer’s personality and their tastes. If the receiver likes to keep things simple and traditional, go for the classic or elegant design. The dramatic and contemporary setting will be perfect for a person with an outgoing personality. You can also choose the material, yellow or white gold. Once you have decided about the design, discuss with the designer. Just share your ideas with him, though you are the ultimate decision maker.


The next step in the ring design process is to choose the diamond. In this step, there are so many things that you have to decide.


1. Pick the diamond shape of your choice. Your options include square, round, baguette, asscher, cushion, princess, radiant, emerald, oval, pear and heart.

2. Second, choose the cut, which is graded as H&A, excellent, very good and good.

3. Third, pick the diamond colour you want. The colour is graded in alphabets from D to K.

4. Select the clarity from IF to S12. This grade describes the diamond clarity from flawless to small inclusions.

5. Then decide on the carat value of the stone.

6. Finally, choose the price range.


By following these easy-to-understand steps, you can create your own diamond ring design. Now do you want to know, how to control the price of your purchase? In general genuine website helps you compare a particular set of specifications with another to help you pick the best one. To explain this clearly, for example, you have two choices:


1. Round 0.4kt diamond with an excellent cut, E colour and WS1 clarity.

2. Heart 0.5kt diamond with Very good cut, D colour, and VVS2 clarity.


The comparison chart helps you to find which diamond stone comes with a lower price tag. Now, is it not easy to control the price of the ring? Check more engagement rings info.



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