Different Types of Diamond Cuts For Engagement Rings

If the special person in your life has proposed to you, or maybe you were the one who proposed, the next thing on your mind will be taking a look at the different types of diamond cuts you can choose from for your engagement ring. There are many options open to you but the princess cut, oval cut, and circle cut diamond engagement rings are still by far the most popular and the choice of many women today.


The Princess Cut

A princess cut is a modern diamond cut for rings these days and you can choose from a white gold, a yellow gold or a platinum setting. This particular style is when the diamond is cut in a square shape. It is extremely elegant looking and is the classic style of engagement ring which many women have imagined themselves wearing since being young girls daydreaming about getting married at some time in the future. If modern styled jewelry and keeping up with trends is important to you then this is no doubt the ring setting for you.


The Oval Cut

This is another very popular kind of diamond cut and it is particularly a great style for rings with a wide band or in which to have a long diamond set. If you love your jewelry to sparkle and catch the light this ring setting does exactly that and will not disappoint you in any way.


The Circle Cut

This is the third most popular type of cut for an engagement ring and as the name would suggest the ring contains a circle cut diamond. The circle cut diamond has remained a firm favorite over the years for many women and although the designs are not always modern, they are elegant and classic and simplicity itself.


Unique Diamond Cuts

If the above mentioned cuts do not appeal to you then you could always opt for a unique custom style engagement ring. If the price of your ring is no object and you have no restrictions on your budget you may decide to have a diamond cut into the shape of your choosing. A fancy asymmetrical diamond cut or a heart shaped diamond may be just what you are looking for. It will be different from any other engagement ring and wearing it will give you a life time of pleasure.


By Annabelle Shannen


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