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Ever heard the song “Walk Like an Egyptian” by the Bangles? It came out in the late 80’s and has been stuck in my head ever since…….but I digress. Egyptian engagement rings are not for all……and maybe not even for a few… but someone must be buying them because there are a number of online stores which sell Egyptian jewelry.


I never seen any women sporting egyptian engagement rings so rest assured you would probably be the only couple on the block to own one.


Interestingly enough, women in ancient. Egypt were no different than women today in that they loved their jewelry, particularly rings. Women wore numerous rings, sometimes as many as three on a finger. In ancient Egypt, rings often served as status symbols. For example, gold rings indicated wealth and were also used as money. When a couple was married, the man placed a gold ring on a woman’s finger to show that he trusted her with his money. Hmmm……. sounds like ancient Egyptian men and men today also have a lot in common 🙂 The betrothal ring, used by Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans, was adopted by early Christians and later morphed into the wedding ring.


“Signet” rings, identified the rank and position of the wearer. These rings were often embellished with carvings of scarabs (beetles) or hieroglyphs. The scarab is said to represent the powers of creativity and re-creation responsible for the evolution of one’s life and one’s soul.


Egyptian cartouche jewelry was reserved solely for the pharaohs or kings of Ancient Egypt and often featured their names surrounded by an oval shape. Cartouche is a French word, defined as “gun cartridge.” When Napoleon’s soldiers were inEgypt, they nicknamed the oval shape surrounding the pharaohs names as cartouche because the shape appeared to resemble their bullets.


The ankh is another popular feature of Egyptian jewelry. It is a hieroglyphic character that means life. Egyptian gods are often portrayed bearing one in each hand. It is also known as the Egyptian Cross.


Ancient Egyptian jewelers did not use precious gems but rather stones, minerals, metals, and man-made materials. The selection of materials used to create a jeweler piece was often based on symbolism versus aesthetic value. In particular, choice of color was highly symbolic. For example, green was the color of fertility and prosperity.


Do a little searching on the internet and you will find that there are a handful of stores online that sell Egyptian jewelry and Egyptian engagement rings.

In love with the Hawaiian Islands? (I’ve never been, but my husband and I are probably taking a trip there in a few months). Some couples show their devotion to this exotic place with Hawaiian engagement rings …I kid you not 🙂


Hawaiian engagement rings may be appropriate for those who feel a strong connection to this beautiful Island. Whether you’re from Hawaii or just planning on honeymooning there, these rings may be the perfect pick for you and your woman.


Hawaiian heirloom jewelry dates back to the 19th century when Princess Lili’uokalani and Queen Kapi’olani attended an event in Englandwhere Queen Victoria presented them with gold bracelets engraved with their names in black, antique lettering. The Princess loved the bracelet so much that she had her Hawaiian jewelers make similar pieces for her.


A trend was born on the island, and the heirloom style grew in popularity. The trend grew to include pendants, rings, earrings, etc. and was further embellished by local artisans with engravings of Hawaiian flowers, designs, and personalized inscriptions. They may be studded with gemstones and inlaid with attractive metals. Heirloom rings are typically wide and made of yellow and white gold. There are many jewelers in Hawaii who make rings by hand versus most engagement rings which are manufactured in a nameless factory. With Hawaiian engagement rings, men and women typically wear matching rings….I know… I know… this isn’t for everyone. The man’s band is wider than the woman’s for a more masculine look.


Also popular in Hawaii are gold rings featuring designs of flowers such as roses, and orchids and studded with gemstones and inlaid with various metals.


Check out the Hawaiian engagement rings online. As engagement rings info can be found online. However, make sure to take appropriate precautions when purchasing jewelry.