How to Customize Your Plain Wedding Ring

By Marie Coles

A wedding ring is a significant piece of jewellery for both partners, and customizing it yourself can make that ring even more personal. Making your plain wedding ring more personal and special to both of you is quite easy to do and can be done via a few methods.


Bespoke Jewellery

The internet these days has a lot to offer. One of its offers is creating your bespoke engagement rings and wedding ring online. You can choose style, metal, number of gemstones, type and shape of stones and size all at a click of a button. The only problem is that your ring may look better on screen than reality and there is no advice from jewelers.


Creating your own design through a jeweler is probably the most expensive way of creating a unique wedding ring, but also the most creative. Have a look at few designs throughout history and different cultures and take note of the designs you like. Look at particular ring shapes, metals, engraved geometric or floral patterns and the lay of precious stones. When ready to, sketch the first drawing of the ring of your dreams, and then when happy create a 3d drawing of the ring, from each side. After this, go to your chosen jewelers with your drawing and the technical information (i.e. band shape) and ask him to bring your design to life!


Adding Precious Stones

Alternatively add a precious stone to your wedding rings. If you inherited or bought any unused jewellery with precious stones, you may be able to have these taken out of the jewellery and instead, placed into your ring. Just take the jewellery’s precious stones and your rings to a jeweler and ask for advice. A jeweler will tell you if it’s possible, where they can be placed, where they will look best and the price.



Whether you are just about to take the plunge or have been married a few years, it’s never too late to make your rings more personal. Engraving is easy to do, but it does have to be done by a specialist. It is, however, relatively inexpensive. Before you to get your rings engraved, decide upon the message you wish to have upon it. Remember it’s a secret message between the two of you alone, so it can be a meaningful date, initials, name or a message. This way is probably the most thoughtful way of expressing the sentiment of the rings.



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