How to Propose – Engagement Proposal Ideas

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Are you “In Love” and want to spend the rest of your life with that special someone? Not being sure how to tell them is a dilemma that is as old as love itself. Rejection is not the problem here, you are confident the answer will be in the affirmative but how will you package the question?

The thing women want most out of relationships is Romance. That fire that keeps on burning has to be officially lit on the day that you propose and it should be memorable. She (or he) will be recounted many times and you will be either damned or praised depending on the outcome. Women in particular are absolutely flattered by public proposals as they are the center of attention and now the world knows that someone has chosen them above everyone else as their lifelong mate.

Here are a few ideas to get your special person the invitation to marry you and start a family. There are many romantic ways to propose and no real rules to follow except try to be original and genuine.

Some of the best ideas for marriage proposals originate on holidays. Will it be Valentine’s day? Or perhaps Christmas or New Years day. Maybe July 4th if you are American. Good ideas, let’s take a look at the possibilities here…

For a Christmas engagement proposal make it lighthearted by putting the engagement rings in a small box and then in a larger box followed by another. Don’t do 30 boxes it might annoy them and get a negative answer! Are you good with Christmas lights? Spell “will you marry me?” to the roof.

Is He/she Irish? Take her to a parade and have your proposal on the side of one of the floats. Take them to an upscale Irish pub and have the bartender say “we have an announcement!”, your cue to propose.

Other non holiday ideas can be special also. A walk under the stars can conclude with a ring presentation. Women love candles, light some scented candles and have the ring in a box near them, when she opens it tell her that she is the only one for you. You could hire a skywriter, have it announced at a ballgame or just propose in front of the fireplace.

No matter where, when, or how you do it, asking for their hand in marriage is a memorable moment that should be special. The impact of your marriage proposal idea is key to getting them to say “Yes!”

Your life long partner will remember always and tell friends about that special moment that changed their life.