How to Take Care of Your Diamond Engagement Rings

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By Subash Sharma V

Whether you wear your diamond ring every day or for special occasions, over a period of time dirt and grime will reduce its luster. Price of diamond ring is pretty high, and after having spent so much money on it, you should take very good care of your ring to make it last for generations. When you buy a diamond ring from an online store or a physical store, make sure that you insure it.


As far as possible take off your ring while doing rough work or while working with chemicals. Though diamond is the hardest substance on earth, the corners may chip off accidentally, if the setting is not secure. Chemicals like chlorine could reduce the shine and colour of your stone. If you wear your rings while bathing or washing dishes, the soap suds could get deposited inside the ring. The creams and lotions you use could also get lodged inside the ring.


Certain ring designs collect more dust and grime than others. A prong-set diamond ring has more chances of collecting dust in the empty pockets when compared to a bezel or channel setting, where the stone is completely set inside the base metal. Therefore, the design of the ring determines the type and extent of cleaning you have to do.


In general, most people buy diamond rings with prong settings. Check if the prongs are holding the stone tight or not, while cleaning the ring. Just keep the ring near your ear and tap it gently. If you hear a slight rattling sound, it could mean that the setting is lose. Take your diamond ring to a certified jeweller and have it reset.


If your ring has just a few smudges and dirt, then soak it in mild detergent water for some time. Using an eyebrow brush, rub the ring and then rinse it in clean water. Dry the ring on a soft lint-free cloth. Never try to wash your ring under running water as it may slip and go down the drain.


On the other hand, if your ring is very dirty, then soap water will not be effective. Add 50 parts of ammonia to 50 parts of cool water and soak your ring in this solution for about half an hour. Then rub it with a soft brush to remove the grime. Rinse in clean water and dry on a soft cloth. For rings that are very dirty and whose settings have come off, it would best to get it professionally cleaned.


If you buy diamond engagement rings from online stores at exorbitant prices, you should clean and maintain them to enhance its value. You can make your ring look shiny and new by cleaning it regularly in soap or ammonia water. The amount of dust and grime that could collect depends on the design. Regular cleaning not only makes your ring shine and look lustrous, but enhances the value of the ring as well.



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