How to Write a Love Poem

By Alise Selezneva

If you want to express your feelings to your lovely other in the most romantic manner, you can write a beautiful love poem. You don’t need to be a great writer to do that. Just use these simple tips to write a special love poetry for him or her.


1. Think about your love


Think about person you are writing love poetry about. What feelings you are having when thinking about him or her? Ask yourself a question, what do you feel? Is it the warmth in your body? Or butterflies in your tummy? Or angels are singing?


2. Compare your love and person to beautiful things


In order to write a beautiful but original love poetry, try to compare the things you want to say about other person with something else beautiful. For example, she or he has gray eyes. They can be compared to deep lake or great mountains. And it’s OK to compare like that.


But to be more special, try not to me, more original. Gray eyes can also be compared to paint watercolor etc.


3. No more problems with rhymes


There are many websites online that will give you the rhymes for every word. You’ll just have to pick one up from the list.


4. Love poem does not have to be long


Even few sentences can make a short but great romantic love poetry.


5. Poem does not have to have a rhyme


Japanese poetry haikai does not rhyme at all. But the way it is written, it can be more beautiful and meaningful than rhymed poems.


Go ahead and write your own poem. Submit it to love poems for collection of romantic poems and text messages for him and her.


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