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Best Engagement Rings For Best Romantic Proposal Ideas

Engagement Rings Best Romantic Proposal Ideas

Best Engagement Rings For Best Romantic Proposal Ideas

Approximately 300,000 people get married a year in the UK alone, which means that potentially half that number of people have found themselves in the very situation which you are in now; you have decided that she is the one but are struggling to find the best way to ask the person that you love to be your wife. When it comes to proposing marriage, combining originality and tradition is a vital prerequisite to making the day that you propose memorable, for all of the right reasons!

One question which your partner is going to be asked for the rest of her life is “So how did he propose?” That is why it is your obligation to make this moment something that she will love talking about for many years to come!

Below are some ideas that may help you determine the best way to “pop the question”, whether you stick to them word for word or derive your own interpretation of each idea is up to you.

A Romantic Meal For Two

Take your girlfriend to the best restaurant in town and propose to her there. You could try arranging something with the staff so that the lights go dim or the engagement ring be brought out to her under a tray. If you girlfriend is quite a shy or reserved person then it is probably not the best idea to get the focus of the whole restaurant on to you both; you can decide what is best suited to your proposal. The restaurant does not necessarily have to be really flash or expensive. If you have a special restaurant that you usually visit together, then this could be the perfect place for your proposal.

Transform Her Home

Imagine the scene, your girlfriend comes home from work to find her house transformed into the most beautiful and romantic place on earth, with you in the heart of it all on one knee with a rose and engagement ring. Covering your girlfriends’ home with her favourite flowers and candles is sure to be a fantastic surprise when she sees it. If filling the whole house with flowers is not an option, then why not have a trail of rose petals leading to where she will find you ready to present her with an engagement ring.

Sky Writing

Granted, this way of asking the “big question” is quite extravagant and will cost money, but it is surely worth it? If it is possible for you to organise a sky writing company to create the words “Will You Marry Me [Girlfriends Name]” in the sky then this is both romantic and fun. You will need to firstly organise a time and place where the pilot can ensure that your girlfriend will see your proposal, you could maybe go for a picnic, walk along the beach or something similar.

Propose On Her Birthday

Proposing on your girlfriends birthday is a great idea; if you can wait that long! There are a number of ways that you can approach this but one fantastic opportunity would be with her birthday card. Of course when she opens the card she is going to be expecting a lovely card telling her how much you love her, what she will not be expecting is the card to say “Happy Birthday To My Fiancé”. By the time she has realised what the card says you can be down on one knee and presenting her with her Engagement Ring.

Propose On The Radio/ In The Paper

A public proposal on either her favourite radio station or in the local paper is also another fantastic idea. A loving message declaring your love for her can then be backed up in person with an engagement ring, one knee and a rose. When you know that your proposal is going to aired on in the paper call your girlfriend and tell her to tune in!

On The Beach As The Sun Sets

White sands, sun setting on the horizon, the melodic sound of the ocean and you down on one knee; could there be a more picturesque venue for your proposal? Whether you are on a beach in the Maldives or on the South coast of England, proposing on the beach at sunset is a fantastic setting for your proposal. Take your loved one for a romantic stroll along the beach and when you feel that the time is right get down on one knee and declare your love for her!

Inside an Easter Egg/Kinder Egg

Sometimes the most subtle of proposals have the biggest impact! Buy your girlfriend an Easter egg or kinder egg and carefully dismantle the egg in such a way that you can melt it back together once you have put the engagement ring inside the egg. It would be a good idea to also arrange for a special meal the evening that you have proposed to make the day even more special.

Design Your Own Banner

Make a banner and display it in a place that you are sure your girlfriend is going to be, e.g. hang a huge banner over a bridge or something similar which she would pass on her way to work which has the words “[Girlfriends Name] Will You Marry Me” wrote on it. You can then follow your girlfriend into work and propose again, down on one knee with her engagement ring and a rose!

A Ribbon Around A Dog/Cats Collar

Attach the engagement ring to your dog or cats collar and have them take the engagement ring to your girlfriend. Obviously the animal cannot do the talking for you so you need to back this up in person, down on one knee.

A Hot Air Balloon Ride

How better to propose to the one that you love; drifting across the horizon drinking a glass of champagne and enjoying the beautiful scenery. Present your girlfriend with her engagement ring whilst you are thousands of feet above ground!

On The Big Screen

Take your girlfriend to a football game or some other form of sporting event and have your marriage proposal appear on the big screen at half time. You can then be down on one knee ready to declare you love for her and present her with the engagement ring.

A Banner In The Sky

Organise a trip to the great outdoors with your girlfriend and have a pilot fly by trailing a banner with the words “will you marry me” wrote on it. An extravagant and overstated proposal like this is a sure way to surprise and delight her!

In A Christmas Cracker

Christmas is a magical time of year and is always a good time to propose to your loved one; but there are a couple of do’s and don’ts that you need to consider before proposing at Christmas. Firstly, Engagement Rings should never substitute for your girlfriends Christmas present; this does not go down very well! That said, putting the ring inside a Christmas cracker is a really cool and inventive way of proposing as long as your cracker does not get mixed up with anyone else’s!

Jack In The Box

Firstly you need to find a box which is big enough for you to hide inside of, you then need to decorate the box as if it was some form of huge present. Go to your girlfriends work and ask the receptionist to tell your girlfriend that there is a parcel waiting for her down at reception; you may have to clear this with her boss first. When your girlfriend comes down to collect the parcel you leap out of it like a jack in the box dressed in your best suit with your best engagement rings and a rose!

Visit A Famous Landmark

Organise a trip for you and your partner to visit a famous landmark, which landmark you choose is up to you but some good ideas would include:

· Ben Nevis

· Lands’ End

· Angel Of The North

· Stonehenge

· The London Eye

The list of famous landmarks goes on. After enjoying looking around the landmark of your choice propose to your girlfriend down on one knee. If this place was not already special to you, it sure is now and will offer a great venue to come back to for anniversaries to come, reminiscing about the day that you were engaged to become man and wife!

However you plan on proposing, try and be as inventive and original as you possibly can! You also need to ensure that you have the perfect choices on engagement rings for your partner.

There are many places online and on the high street where you can shop about for Engagement Rings, but a great place to begin would be Wedding Rings Direct; they stock a huge selection of Diamond Engagement Rings and have a fantastic choice of metals to choose from.

Wedding Rings Direct have an unrivalled range of Wedding Rings & Engagement Rings available through there website, which can be found at



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Engaging Engagement Proposal Ideas

Engagement Rings and Engagement Proposal Ideas


Engagement Rings Info

Looking for great engagement proposal ideas? You already probably have a vision of just the right engagement proposal and you probably already have some ideas of how to make it just right. Deciding the perfect time and place to propose to your girlfriend is an important decision.

Chances are you’ve been thinking about your proposal for awhile. Ending your single life and starting your engagement is a serious step and not one to be taken lightly. Coming up with some great engagement proposal ideas and carefully pulling off those ideas can start your engagement off on the right foot. Most women want to be swept off their feet by their boyfriends, and the right engagement proposal can be just the way to sweep her off her feet and take her breath away.

One of the most important things to consider when brainstorming potential engagement proposal ideas is choosing the right ring. The right engagement rings can help show your girlfriend just how much you care. It need not be a super expensive ring, but if it fits her style and taste perfectly she will love it as much as she loves you.

One of the best ways to determine what type of engagement ring to buy is to take notice of what type of jewelry your girlfriend favors. Take note of the type of rings she likes to wear and try to find an engagement ring that matches that style.

Once you have found the perfect engagement ring, your will want to find the perfect time and place to make your proposal. You probably already have some ideas on how to make your engagement proposal special.

If you and your girlfriend have a favorite romantic restaurant, you may want to go out for a special candlelight dinner. Make arrangements ahead of time with the maitre de or head waiter to bring the engagement ring on a silver platter at just the right moment.

You may want to consider revisiting the scene of your first date to make your proposal. Why not start your engagement in the same place you started your romance?

If you and your girlfriend share an activity or hobby, you may want to incorporate that for your engagement proposal. For example, perhaps you and your fiancé to be share a love of skiing. You may want to take a nice long ski weekend at your favorite resort. Enjoy a beautiful day on the slopes and retire to the lodge in the evening. You can present your perfect engagement ring and sweep her off her feet with your thoughtful proposal.

There are of course many other ideas for the perfect proposal. You may want to enlist the aid of one or two of her closest friends to help you surprise her with your proposal. There are as many engagement proposal ideas as there are loving couples.

Above all, you should make sure that your proposal is heartfelt and sincere. You’ve already done the hard part. Committing to a marriage is one of the most important decisions you can make. Finding the right person to spend the rest of your life with is a wonderful thing. Finding the perfect engagement proposal idea is just the icing in the cake so to speak.

Read more about engagement rings info



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Holiday Engagement: Christmas Engagement Proposal Ideas

Best Engagement Rings

It’s that time of year when everyone gets close to those they love. They remember what they are thankful for and think about what they want to hold on for the future. Christmas engagements are very common and in fact, most engagements actually happen around the holidays!

Some guys are clueless when it comes to proposing on Christmas, or thinking of Christmas engagement rings and ideas. Here are a few ideas to either give you the picture perfect holiday engagement, or to spark your creativity to say “Merry Christmas” in the most surprising way!

Make the Ring the Ornament

A cute way to propose at Christmas is to hang the ring on the Christmas tree – like an ornament! Have the ring be the ONLY ornament on the tree when she walks in…or, hang the ring box with ribbon on the tree and point out the “interesting” new ornament. She won’t know what to think!

Visit Santa Claus

No, seriously. Go to the mall and visit Santa Claus. This could be the making of the perfect Christmas engagement! Tell her you know what she wants for Christmas…then BOOM. Drop down on one knee in front of everyone. She will have to say that Santa knew what she wanted! (Cheesy, but true!)

The Magic of Mistletoe

Everyone knows that the Christmas tradition is to kiss under the mistletoe…so why not take it a step further? Give her a quick smooch then pop the question right there – propose under the Christmas mistletoe! It is a romantic, personal, and intimate way to share the moment together.

The Bottom of the Stocking

This Christmas engagement proposal idea is pretty easy to figure out. Hide the ring box at the very bottom of her Christmas stocking. When she goes through all the candy and little things along the way, the best present yet will be waiting at the bottom – an engagement ring!

The Stroke of Midnight

Another interesting Christmas proposal idea is to ask the question when the clock strikes midnight – that moment between Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. You can bring in the holiday the very second it begins with your surprise Christmas engagement.

With the Family Gathered ‘Round

This Christmas engagement idea is one that you can only do if you are comfortable and on good terms with the family! If you both are super close to your families, try popping the question of marriage when the family is together to celebrate the holiday. Then everyone can celebrate together when she says, “Yes!”.

Christmas Abroad

Many people travel for the Christmas holiday. Try taking a trip to an exotic location, somewhere you both love. Whether it be the heart of Europe or the coast of Costa Rica, a creative way to propose at Christmas is to ask her when you are somewhere completely new – an adventure you are both on together! The best part will be coming back home to share the happy news.

A Romantic Evening Out

Maybe a romantic date for the two of you is a way you might be more comfortable with when proposing at Christmas. Try planning a lovey dovey romantic date night out. A carriage ride downtown, looking at the Christmas lights in the snow, dinner at a fancy restaurant under candlelight, or a home cooked meal at home with Christmas music playing in the background offer the perfect Christmas engagement setting.

Personalize It! (The Ornament, that is)

We all have seen those ornaments in the mall and other shops where you can personalize your own Christmas ornament. Try putting those 4 words on a Christmas ornament! Have it engraved or painted on, then leave it on the tree and lead her to it. You won’t even have to talk! The ornament will speak for itself.

Christmas Photo Album

A creative way to propose, and a perfect gift in itself, is a customized photo album with photos of the two of you. Websites like Shutterfly can create amazing Christmas photo albums that you can give to her as a gift. Make the last picture in the album a photo of the ring. Then ask away.

Ask In Bed

This is probably the most intimate way to ask that heart stopping question. On Christmas morning, stay in bed. Keep things personal and private with each other. Asking her to marry you in bed on Christmas morning might not seem like the most creative way to propose at Christmas, but it will be a moment just the two of you can share in an environment and space the two of you only share.


antique looking engagement rings

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Top 10 Ways to Propose Marriage

Engagement Rings info

Below are the top 10 ways to propose marriage:

– In the event that you have beaches that are close by you could take her there right before sunset. Enjoy a nice ride with easy going music in the car. When the sun sets take out the ring and propose.

– One of the best top 10 ways to propose marriage is to plan an extensive treasure hunt. You can start the hunt out by giving your soon to be partner in marriage the first clue. Be sure not to make the clues easy and not to difficult. When your partner comes to the last place be there waiting holding the ring out in your hand ready to propose.

– Another one of the best ways to propose marriage to her is too go out on a boat ride. Take her somewhere and then fake the boat being stuck after “much struggling” finally say something along the lines of “without you in my life I would feel like I was stranded on an island that no ship ever came to pass” {bride to be name here}, will you marry me.

– A classic and one of the most effective top 10 ways to proposal is getting down on one knee and asking your girl to marry you. Although repetitive it does tend to work almost every time.

– Here’s yet another sure fire way to win your lover with this marriage proposal. Simply layout some rose petals and or other flowers on your front lawn spelling about “Will You Marry Me”. Trust me; your lover is going to absolutely love this. This is certainly one of the top 10 ways to propose marriage.

– Take your lover to a special place where you can easily shout and hear your echo without disturbance. Start off with something like “I Love you”, let her answer and then when she’s done stand behind her and shout as loud as you can “Will You Marry Me”. When she turns around have the jewelry box open with you on one knee presenting her with your engagement ring. Follow the evening up with a spectacular dinner at a great restaurant.

– Another option from our list of the top 10 best ways propose marriage is to setup a nice dinner at her favorite restaurant and have it accompanied by a violinist or pianist and as you order desert have the waiter bring out a dish with the wedding ring on it. Make sure the box is open for you to take the ring and has rose petals surrounding it. Now all that’s left is to “pop the question”.

– If you really want to impress your soon to be wife considering having a plane spell your proposal in the air for you. Yes, those magic words “will you marry me”!

– One of the most common top 10 ways to propose is going where the two of you first met. When you go to the place where you first met her reminisce for a few moments and then take out the engagement ring, get down on one knee, and ask her to marry you.

– Last but not least on our list of top 10 ways to propose marriage is to create a memory book. Take a note book and make it like a diary of your time together. Towards the end cut out the center of enough pages to fit a ring in and as you turn to that page ask her to marry you.



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Four Important Things to Consider When Selecting Your Engagement Rings

Things to Consider When Selecting Your Engagement Rings

When choosing your engagement rings there are four main aspects to consider alongside your emotional response. These four main points relate to the physical quality of the diamond and are commonly referred to as the four C’s; cut, colour, carat weight and clarity. These four aspects combine to ensure each diamond is truly unique; the combination of the four C’s will never be the same in any two diamonds. Cut, colour, carat weight and clarity were all identified as being important measures of diamonds as far back as the 1930s when the four C’s grading system was introduced by the Gemmological Institute of America. Due to the truly unique nature of diamonds it became necessary to introduce an internationally recognised grading system that would provide a standard of measure against which all diamonds would be graded. It is the combination of these four factors that determine the value, rarity and beauty of each individual diamond.

The first C we will investigate is CUT.

The cut of the diamond relates to the shape of the stone and is the only aspect that is not naturally created. A skilled craftsman will cut the stone to the most suitable shape; whether that is the traditional round brilliant cut or the more elaborate heart shape, the craftsman must assess the stone to determine which would be the best cut for that particular diamond. By considering any inclusions and the placement of the many facets, the cutter can ensure maximum sparkle and shine from each and every stone.

Certificated diamonds are assessed on the basis of the ideal cut which ensures rays of light enter the stone and are directed to the centre where they are reflected back up and out of the top of the stone; this ensures maximum fire and brilliance of the diamond.

The classical round brilliant cut is a very popular choice for engagement rings as the 57 facets created by the cutter reflect the light beautifully and push it back out the flat top of the diamond. Emerald cut and princess cut stones make for beautiful, sparkling diamond rings and the square look of the diamonds offers a contemporary appeal to the rings. There are many other beautiful shapes such as pear and marquise and it up to you which shape you would prefer.

We must remember that each of the four C’s should be considered in conjunction with each other; so now we will move on to COLOUR.

When picturing diamonds I think we all see the same images containing bright white sparkling stones but in reality diamonds can range in colour from the bright white of our imagination through to a dark yellow.

The range of colours is split into bands to ensure it is easy to grade each individual diamond. The colour bands range from D to Z. D, E and F are considered the most desirable stones and they are the stones of our imaginations, the bright white colourless stones that dominate advertising and celebrity engagements. The further down the scale you go, the more yellow is introduced to the diamonds and the more noticeable it becomes. Around the K grade you can begin to see a slight yellow colour and when you reach Z, the stone is a yellowy brown.

Colour should always be considered hand in hand with the CLARITY of the stone.

Clarity is concerned with the small marks that can be seen in diamonds; these are referred to as inclusions and can appear as tiny white feathers or dark crystals. Inclusions are unique to each stone and a skilled cutter can cut a diamond to minimise the visibility of the inclusions, however nearly every diamond will have an inclusion or two and rather than being deemed as a negative point, they only serve to ensure that each diamond is totally unique. Some refer to inclusions as ‘Natures fingerprints’ which I think is a nice way of looking at it.

As with the colour, clarity is graded on a scale that denotes the number and visibility of the inclusions and this in turn affects the value and desirability of each diamond. A diamond with fewer inclusions that are hard to see will be more desirable and expensive that one with visible inclusions. Divided into grades from I which means included to FL which means flawless, it is easy to gauge how valuable a diamond would be. The FL stones are the rarest and most desirable due to the natural brilliance and fire, and this affects the value of the stone.

The CARAT WEIGHT of a diamond refers to the diamonds weight and not the physical size. For example two diamonds of the same carat weight can appear different in size depending on how each one has been cut. The larger the diamond the rarer it is however we must consider that just because the stone is large, doesn’t mean it is of excellent quality. Carat weight should always be considered along with the other C’s.

Prices of diamonds range on a non-linear scale, certain diamond weights such as 1/2ct or 1ct are more desirable and so the prices rise accordingly. Due to their rarity, large diamonds are always more expensive than smaller diamonds of the same quality.

So to conclude we have discussed the importance of considering your feelings when you are selecting the diamond engagement ring, this is arguably the most important factor as it is to signify the strength of your feelings for a whole life time. It is also worth considering the 4 C’s and these should be considered alongside each other to ensure that you are selecting the best diamond possible for your budget.

Hopefully this guide will provide you with information that will enable you to make an informed, confident and emotional decision about your perfect engagement ring.

When choosing your engagement ring there are four main aspects to consider alongside your emotional response. These four main points relate to the physical quality of the diamond and are commonly referred to as the four C’s; cut, colour, carat weight and clarity. These four aspects combine to ensure each diamond is truly unique; the combination of the four C’s will never be the same in any two diamonds. More engagement rings info on the Chapelle website, and browse the range of stunning engagement rings all sold with at least 30% off the RRP by following the link,


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How to Propose – Engagement Proposal Ideas

Engagement Rings Info

Are you “In Love” and want to spend the rest of your life with that special someone? Not being sure how to tell them is a dilemma that is as old as love itself. Rejection is not the problem here, you are confident the answer will be in the affirmative but how will you package the question?

The thing women want most out of relationships is Romance. That fire that keeps on burning has to be officially lit on the day that you propose and it should be memorable. She (or he) will be recounted many times and you will be either damned or praised depending on the outcome. Women in particular are absolutely flattered by public proposals as they are the center of attention and now the world knows that someone has chosen them above everyone else as their lifelong mate.

Here are a few ideas to get your special person the invitation to marry you and start a family. There are many romantic ways to propose and no real rules to follow except try to be original and genuine.

Some of the best ideas for marriage proposals originate on holidays. Will it be Valentine’s day? Or perhaps Christmas or New Years day. Maybe July 4th if you are American. Good ideas, let’s take a look at the possibilities here…

For a Christmas engagement proposal make it lighthearted by putting the engagement rings in a small box and then in a larger box followed by another. Don’t do 30 boxes it might annoy them and get a negative answer! Are you good with Christmas lights? Spell “will you marry me?” to the roof.

Is He/she Irish? Take her to a parade and have your proposal on the side of one of the floats. Take them to an upscale Irish pub and have the bartender say “we have an announcement!”, your cue to propose.

Other non holiday ideas can be special also. A walk under the stars can conclude with a ring presentation. Women love candles, light some scented candles and have the ring in a box near them, when she opens it tell her that she is the only one for you. You could hire a skywriter, have it announced at a ballgame or just propose in front of the fireplace.

No matter where, when, or how you do it, asking for their hand in marriage is a memorable moment that should be special. The impact of your marriage proposal idea is key to getting them to say “Yes!”

Your life long partner will remember always and tell friends about that special moment that changed their life.


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How to Write Love Poems

By Chris Cornell

To make it known to the world, there is really no such thing as a bad love poem. All of them are great, and they sure are all romantic. What makes a poem a good poem is when it is written from the heart and words were able to express your thoughts to your loved ones. That’s all there is anyway. If you have written a love poem at least once, then I must count as one of the very few romantic people of the world.


Love poems are a great way to express your affections for your loved one. It is a sweet way of showing your feelings as you put your efforts into writing one. If you want to write one but is clueless in writing love poems, this article is perfect for you.

When it comes to writing any poem at all, there are three things that you will need to always keep in mind, which are rhythm, rhyme, and imagery. When you use rhymes, you will find the poem becoming rhythmic, which will in turn affect the flow of the poem. Imagery refers to a poem’s ability to create an image in the mind of a reader.

Next, decide on a title. You can go with a simple but appealing title, as long as it sounds romantic. This would be followed by the opening of the poem, which should express your love and admiration towards him or her. You can also include some interesting quotes as an opening. On the other hand, you could use it as the closing. Quotes can be easily found on the Internet, so if you cannot come up with one yourself, you can always see what the Internet has to offer.

The language used for the poem should be simple enough to understand. You want your reader to be able to understand the message you are trying to convey without being puzzled. Biblical or Shakespearean language is really unnecessary unless you and your reader have a fancy for it. Nevertheless, avoid big words and jargon as they may pull your reader’s attention away from the content instead. Remember to keep your language expressive throughout the poem.

In the poem, you can include things you have observed about them, especially those that you have not expressed of before. Let them know how you admire what they do. This might even give them a pleasant surprise that you have been observing them.

If you are still unsure of how you to come up with love poems, you can always refer to the romantic poems written by famous poets. This way, you can get inspirations to write your very own poem. Whatever it is, keep your poem honest and straight from the heart. Even if you are not creative in poetry, words of honesty always touch a person’s heart.



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How to Write a Love Poem

By Alise Selezneva

If you want to express your feelings to your lovely other in the most romantic manner, you can write a beautiful love poem. You don’t need to be a great writer to do that. Just use these simple tips to write a special love poetry for him or her.


1. Think about your love


Think about person you are writing love poetry about. What feelings you are having when thinking about him or her? Ask yourself a question, what do you feel? Is it the warmth in your body? Or butterflies in your tummy? Or angels are singing?


2. Compare your love and person to beautiful things


In order to write a beautiful but original love poetry, try to compare the things you want to say about other person with something else beautiful. For example, she or he has gray eyes. They can be compared to deep lake or great mountains. And it’s OK to compare like that.


But to be more special, try not to me, more original. Gray eyes can also be compared to paint watercolor etc.


3. No more problems with rhymes


There are many websites online that will give you the rhymes for every word. You’ll just have to pick one up from the list.


4. Love poem does not have to be long


Even few sentences can make a short but great romantic love poetry.


5. Poem does not have to have a rhyme


Japanese poetry haikai does not rhyme at all. But the way it is written, it can be more beautiful and meaningful than rhymed poems.


Go ahead and write your own poem. Submit it to love poems for collection of romantic poems and text messages for him and her.


Love poems for him is a collection of beautiful love poems for loved ones. Love poems is the most romantic way to express your feelings.



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Short Love Poems and How to Write Them

Looking for a way to write short love poems? Look no further than haiku poetry! Haiku may be the shortest living poetry in the world! In just a few words, an entire sentiment can be expressed. But how to write them you ask? It’s easy! Look at this short love poem:


Spring breeze —


her hand accidentally


grazes mine


Here we have a scene where we know what time of year it is. We also know the kind of day it is… breezy. Now, the next two lines describe an event that takes place in “real time.” Because that’s what haiku is all about. It’s about present moment occurrences. What could be more immediate and suggestive of love than what is taking place as it’s taking place?


To write haiku, you have to learn how to rid yourself of western poetic devices like analogy, simile, and metaphor. Haiku seek to describe events in simple and plain language. You have to get good at writing what haiku poet Ray Rasmussen has aptly called “first-order sense mind impressions.” This somewhat long way of describing how to write haiku simply means you need to look at what’s going on now, not what’s happening in the past or what may happen in the future.


For example, the phrase “her hand accidentally grazes mine” describes an event that is taking place. It doesn’t ornament it with flowery language. It simple describes what is happening in the present. Many people think writing haiku is easy. That’s because they don’t understand how to write haiku. Short love poems the haiku way are a unique way of expressing your feeling for another person. To do it, think first of writing a phrase, then, combine it with a sentence fragment and you’ve just written your first haiku love poem!


Learn How to Write Haiku! Let haiku poet/author Edward A. Weiss show you how to create your own beautiful haiku poems!. Visit to learn more.


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How to Write a Love Song

Many of us have asked ourselves the question of how to write a love song, as this is one of the most romantic things you can do for that someone special in your life. Even though writing your first love song appears to be a demanding task, there are many things that can help you turn your innermost feelings into an enchanting love song. All you need to do is read through some how-to articles, and you will find the answers to all the questions you are interested in. Let’s start!


Dedicate Your Song to the One You Love


If you plan to write an intimate love song, you ought to include the name of your loved one into a song. This will help you express your feelings better, and it will help you focus on the person the song is dedicated to instead of writing about love in general. It is a very common problem with writing songs that you can easily wander off, and if you want any song to be good you need to make the song to the point.


Don’t Wait for Magic to Happen


Many people who are writing a love song for the first time start things the wrong way by waiting for an epiphany to help them write the perfect song out of the first try. It is easy to guess that this is not a good idea if you want to create a love song, owing to the fact that a song like this usually cannot be written in one breath, especially if you are a beginner in this field. This being said, try to write down any ideas that might pop into your mind, and eventually you will be able to collect all of these thoughts and turn them into a song. Try writing down all the things you love about that someone special; try to answer the question why you love them and maybe let them know you appreciate they are part of your life.


Trim the Lyrics


After you have written an outline of what you want to include in your love song, you should drop everything that seems unnecessary in your piece. When writing down your thoughts and especially feelings it is easy to get carried away and write many unnecessary words, because feelings are very difficult to put into words. Therefore, try to make your song easy to take in, and get rid of any superfluous words.


Should Your Song Rhyme


Opinions differ when it comes to the question of whether a love song should rhyme or not, but since this is a highly subjective matter there are no right or wrong answers. The fact is that rhyme makes songs easier to read and remember, but a song that does not rhyme can be just as beautiful. As long as your words are coming straight from your heart, the song will be just great.



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