Royal emerald cut engagement rings

Emerald cut stones in engagement rings have long been associated with Royalty. Here are a few of the most famous.


WALLIS SIMPSON, the twice divorced American, received this 19.77 carat emerald engagement ring from King Edward VIII in 1937, who famously gave up his crown to be with Simpson.


GRACE KELLY‘s Cartier 10.47 carat emerald cut engagement ring from Prince Ranier III of Monaco is simply stunning, as was her 1956 fairytale wedding.

Grace Kelly Engagement Ring



MARY DONALDSON married Frederick, the Crown Prince of Denmark in 2004 and wears a massive 8 carat emerald cut diamond engagement ring with ruby side stones. Her Uffe Frank designed wedding dress is one of our absolute favorites.

Mary Donaldson Engagement Ring


CAMILLA PARKER BOWLES wears a massive eight carat emerald cut heirloom ring with three stair-stepped baguettes on each side. She married Prince Charles in 2005.

Camilla Parker Bowles Engagement Ring


COUNTESS STEPHANIE DE LANNOY of Belgium became Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg in October of 2012 when she married Prince Guillaume. She wore a fabulous lace Elie Saab dress, which is almost as incredible as her 4 carat emerald cut engagement ring in a rectangular halo setting.

Stephanie de Lannoy Engagement Ring