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Why Pink Diamond Best Engagement Rings Are So Rare


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By Dirk Rendel

A precious few of these diamonds are mined in Africa,Brazil and India. The remainder of the worlds naturally occurring pinks come from the Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia from a volcanic pipe in the remote Kimberly Region. Many of these stones come from the Argyle diamond mine today. About ninety percent of the pink gems on the market today trace their roots back to the Argyle diamond mine.


Very few of the pink diamonds on today’s market are produced naturally. Pink diamonds are just as hard to create even with the treatment and diamond enhancement methods of the modern era. These gems are formed deep within the earth. They are formed during a point of production of carbon in the earths crust, combined with certain curtain minerals and composites. These minerals or inclusions become trapped as the diamond crystallizes. With the minerals safely trapped within the crystal, they are safe from becoming vaporized by the heat. It is these inclusions which give the diamond its color. The diamond forms under intense pressure and heat, causing the carbon to crystallize. Needless to say this is a lot of stuff that needs to happen before a that kind of ring can even be created.


Most of the diamonds we see today are colorless. There are other colors of diamonds such as brown diamonds, but the demand is much lower for these diamonds. Blue diamonds are pretty rare as well, but the conditions needed to create a pink diamond happen in nature less than even the conditions needed to create a majestic blue diamond. Fancy pink grade or better diamonds make up an even smaller percent of the market, and even rarer then this would be the fancy pink intense grade diamond. Some people opt for a treated diamond, in an effort to save money, but the price difference is hardly any difference, if at all. This is because the rough needed to create a pink one are themselves also rare and expensive. With careful shopping however one might find an affordable best engagement rings.


Should you be looking for a one, be sure to check around at different locations, as demand can differ from place to place for pink diamonds. You may be able to find a better deal on these rare pink diamond rings at online shops, which carry much less overhead expenses then a traditional brick and mortar store. I hope this helps you understand why a pink diamond ring is so rare.




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Diamond Best Engagement Rings for Women



Diamond rings are amongst the most popular jewelry sought by women. No matter, what the occasion is, it’s a rare thing to see a woman without a diamond or two flashing on her left ring finger. Now, let’s look at how diamond rings can be classified. They can be categorized by the occasion for which they are acquired. Some are named after the design itself, while others are named after the colored stones that are used to highlight the diamond rings.


Diamond engagement rings:

This is one of the most popular occasions to purchase a diamond ring. A man presents this ring to his beloved along with the proposal of marriage. If she accepts the ring, it indicates her acceptance of his proposal. Thereafter, she wears it as a symbol of the engagement. While only women traditionally wear best engagement rings, these days it is not uncommon to see both man and woman wearing matching engagement rings. Traditionally, engagement rings are gold bands with a solitaire diamond. Nowadays, Platinum diamond rings are most commonly used for engagement. Though they are expensive, men are not stepping back because they want to celebrate this one time occasion with grandeur and they want to show how much he loves her. However, people who are allergic to platinum now prefer palladium diamond rings over the former. Palladium looks similar to that of platinum and has the same durability and strength. Apart from being hypoallergenic, palladium is also cheaper compared to platinum and this is another reason for its increasing demand.


Diamond wedding rings:

Weddings rings as the name suggests, indicate that they are exchanged by the couple during the wedding. Usually worn on the left ring finger, this custom, which originated inEuropehas now spread across cultures in various parts of the world. Traditionally wedding rings are simple gold bands. In recent times, however, this has made way for flashier designs with diamond-studded rings being the most popular. Those who can afford for platinum, go for it, while others opt for palladium, white gold or yellow gold rings with diamonds, depending on their financial status.


Diamond anniversary rings:

Men commonly express their love for their wives by giving them a diamond ring for their anniversary. Heart shapes and other symbols of love are common in anniversary collections. They are made of either yellow or white gold.


Combination Rings:

These rings combine a diamond with another stone in its design. This is common particularly in birthstone designs where rubies, emeralds, citrine and other birthstones are combined with diamonds to create dazzling designs. Depending on the financial status, men often present them for Valentine’s Day, birthdays etc. Apart from those discussed above, they are available in various designs to go with either traditional or western wear for an evening out. Diamonds are equally popular with designers and shoppers. You often find designs inspired by nature, the elements, festivals etc. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend goes the saying, and you’ll find this absolutely true, when it comes to rings.


By Prakash K Singh


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