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Perfect Diamond Engagement Rings


You’ve finally decided to take that giant step and propose to the woman you love. You’re trying to decide where, when and how to propose. Proposing for marriage is a precious moment, and you want to make sure everything goes just right. But there’s just one problem – you haven’t a clue as to the type of diamond engagement ring you should buy for your future bride! There are so many colors, styles and shapes to choose from with diamond rings, so we’ve put together this helpful guide for choosing diamond engagement rings – just for you.

What’s Her Style in Diamond Jewelry?

Observe her diamond jewelry tastes for a while. Does she like contemporary ring styles or more traditional rings? Engagement rings have taken on many designs in recent years, but some women prefer the traditional solitaire diamond engagement ring that has never gone out of style. The cut of the diamond engagement ring is also important. There are princess cuts and round cuts.

For the diamond shape, does she like elongated shapes such as oval or marquise? Or, does she prefer round, pear-shaped or square? The number one choice of brides is round diamonds, but times are changing! There are even heart-shaped diamonds and other unique shapes. Clusters of diamonds are also available as opposed to the solitaire diamond ring.

Consider the size of her hand and fingers as well. If she has small, short hands a bold style or wide band could make her hands look even smaller.

Color Choices for Diamond Engagement Rings

There are several colors to choose from when shopping for a diamond engagement ring. Yellow gold, white gold and silver are the most popular diamond ring metals. Again, observe the jewelry she wears on a daily basis to get an idea of the type of jewelry she likes. Also, find out if she has any skin allergies to certain metals. If you’re still not sure, buy a diamond engagement ring that would blend well with her other favorite jewelry such as bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, etc.

The Matching Set: Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Many diamond engagement rings come in a set with a matching wedding band. Buying the set is a good idea because you might save money. Also, buying her a wedding band along with her diamond ring shows your dedication and commitment to go through with the marriage. It might not seem important to you at the time, but to her it will mean everything!

Get the Right Size

Be sure to find out her left ring finger size before buying the ring. Maybe you can ask her the ring size at a “non-serious” moment, but be careful. She might get suspicious. Or, you could ask a friend or relative to find out for you. Don’t forget to swear them to secrecy!

Get a Practical Diamond Engagement Ring

Be sure to choose a diamond engagement ring that’s practical for everyday living. Consider her lifestyle and the type of work she does with her hands. Does she wear gloves in winter? A tall stone with prongs could snag her clothing (or your clothing). A fussy ring could annoy her after a while. So, keep it simple. Remember, she will wear this ring every day for many, many years to come!

Buying any jewelry such as diamond engagement rings, anniversary rings, etc. can be stressful if you’re not sure what to buy. Use the tips above to choose a diamond engagement ring she’ll adore for a lifetime.

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Right Hand Diamond Engagement Rings

A Diamond ring happens to be the best present as an Engagement Ring. The Right hand Engagement Diamond Ring seems to be the darling of the Diamond Jewelry market and its sales are touching all time highs. This Right hand diamond Ring is associated with the modern independent Career Woman who stands for the Success, Strength and self assertiveness and Freedom.

This old- but renewed product that is projected as the symbol of the eternal Love is opposed to the old style Diamond engagement Rings and the Diamond anniversary Bands. It is designed to be worn on a different hand but its design is also entirely different. The Design of the Right hand  diamond engagement rings is entirely different from the matrimonial Rings. It is designed with more open spaces, smaller Gemstones that are arranged in such a way that it reflects the personality and individuality of the Wearer.

The Right hand Diamond engagement Rings followed the Diamond engagement Rings that were made wearable by both the men and women who are about to be get married. These Rings were made a symbol of the new era of independent Women who were successful along side the men. The diamond ring at the right Hand makes the new liberated Woman think that the left hand ring stands for the labors that marriage brings along while the right hand Ring reads as the careless, joyful side of life.

These Right hand Diamond Engagement Rings are also made attractive to the Men by telling them that they are encouraged to buy a Gift for their wives that will flatter not only their need for love proofs but also the thought of being valued and respected as an independent person, and not a nice accessory to men or a house decor item.

The trend has been set even if the man is not married but has a love relationship it is a must for him to buy and present a Right hand ring to his lover as a proof of his love and a symbol of his commitment to her. These Right hand Diamond Rings being a symbol of love it also attracted the unusual man and man Gay Lovers and girl and girl lovers also.

Any marketing with the human vanity as the basis has done extremely well and this technique has been effectively used to create a trend among the humans for the marketing of a product just by declaring and reinforcing the thought that these right Hand Engagement Diamond Rings are a must buy and Gift to maintain the relationship.


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A Guide to Choosing Black Diamond Engagement Rings


Critics say that black diamond rings are just a fad, and it’s most likely that these gemstones will depreciate once the hype wears off. However, this doesn’t lessen the enjoyment that males are now discovering in the precious stone. Diamonds used to be a gemstone that only women appreciated. The white perfect diamond appeared to be too flashy for the male species. This is the reason why, in most engagements, only the women wore the ring. Today is a different matter, though.


Black diamond engagement rings have won the hearts of many men because of the character it exudes. Compared to the white gemstone that flashes light, quite literally, the black gemstone absorbs light. The darker they are, the higher it is graded, which is the complete opposite in white diamonds which is graded higher when it reflects lesser hues of color.


Transparent to translucent black diamonds are very rare. This is why if you’re planning to impress your husband with this gemstone, look for rings that exude this quality. You have to be prepared to spend a lot of money, though, because these stones can definitely break your budget.


The most impressive diamond engagement rings are set in white metal, so cross out yellow gold and other reddish metals off your list when you’re planning the design. The stone looks best when set against silver, platinum, titanium and white gold rings. To bring in more contrast, you can also try setting the stone with white gemstones. White and black diamonds complement each other, and it is highly likely that when they’re next to each other, their imperfections would be overlooked because the design would play on contrast.


Just because the stone exudes a more mysterious and masculine character, though, doesn’t mean that it’s designed specifically for males. You can give your wife or your fiance a black diamond jewel as well, as the stone’s beauty is also appreciated by women. As a matter of fact, black diamonds further gained popularity in the 90s when Carmen Electra was presented with her first giant black rock.


In choosing the carat value of your diamond, make sure that you purchase stones that are not exactly 1.00 carat. These flat 1.00 carat stones are poorly cut, because it’s mathematically impossible to cut a stone that weighs exactly 200 milligrams. If your black diamond rings are flat 1.00 carat ones, it’s most likely that the dealer had the cut compromised to give way for the stones’ carat values.


By Billy Bob Bronson


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Why Diamonds for Engagement Rings?


A diamond engagement ring is the must-have clincher for a man wanting to hear her say “Yes.” In fact, it is expected that the groom-to-be will spend a significant chunk of his salary on the ring — three months’ salary is the standard in the United States, Australiaand much of Europe.


This wasn’t always the case. Prior to the 20th century, it was more common for women to receive a sewing thimble as a token of her beloved’s devotion. The first engagement rings, called betrothal rings in the Christian tradition, came from an ancient Roman custom. In 1477, Mary of Burgundy, a duchess of theLow Countries, received the first known diamond engagement ring in 1477. Only women of status such as herself were commissioned such pieces. For hundreds of years, diamonds were not even thought to be a part of the engagement process.


Not until 1930 did the engagement trend start growing into the unavoidable topic of discussion among couples who are leaning toward marriage. EarlyHollywoodactresses wore the rings in their films and in public, inspiring the average American woman to take matters into their own hands. The boom of the diamond industry also made diamonds more affordable. Mining and cutting techniques improved and brought down the cost of producing a cut and polished diamond. By the 1950’s the largest diamond mining company in the world, De Beers Diamond Trading Corporation, started a very successful marketing campaign that opened the world to the idea that everyone could afford diamonds. The words “A Diamond is Forever” became the mantra of hopeful brides.


Today, a thimble just won’t cut it: an estimated 80% of women living in developed countries receive a diamond ring in exchange for lifelong vows. This number continues to increase as access to diamonds gets easier. Many people now purchase a diamond from an online jeweler. Most online stores today provide a much larger selection of diamonds at a lower cost than their brick-and-mortar counterparts. The online jeweler has the advantage of lower overhead costs since they do not have an expensive storefront to maintain. Many online jewelers pass these cost-savings onto consumers — making diamond engagement rings more affordable today than they were prior to the online shopping boom.


As a strong symbol of financial security and commitment, as well as a cherished heirloom to pass to the next generation, the diamond engagement ring may indeed be eternal.


Author: Charles Butler.


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Where Can You Get Diamond Engagement Rings at the Lowest Prices?


Apart from being a symbol of love and affection, diamond rings also show off your fashion quotient. Whether you want to buy a diamond engagement rings for yourself or for that special person in your life, go to places that offer style and quality packaged in an affordable bundle. You can either visit your local jewellery store or log on to an e-store according to your convenience and preference.


When you go to a physical jewellery store in your neighborhood, you can see, touch and checkout the ring before you make your purchase. But to ensure that you are getting good value for your money, you may have to visit numerous stores before you decide on where and what to buy. You end up spending money not only for the diamond engagement rings, but also for the other expenses that invariably occur when you go for shopping. All these disadvantages completely disappear when you buy diamond rings from online stores. You can visit numerous online jewellery stores from the comfort of your home without spending an extra money. As most web stores tend to have national or international presence, they display an incredible range of diamond rings that you may not find in your neighborhood store. Take advantage of festival sales and offers when internet stores offer high discounts on diamond rings. Another huge advantage of buying from online stores is that most e-stores offer free shipping and delivery, which means more savings for you.


Now that you have an idea of the benefits of buying diamond ring from online stores, you should know where to shop at. Don’t trust an online store just because it offers high discounts or because it has very good advertisements. Check out the online reputation of the web jewellery store at group discussions and forums. You can also ask friends who frequently opt for online shopping for their input. Visit their website; read the terms and conditions, exchange policy, shipping and deliver policy and testimonials before you go shopping there.


Apart from those factors mentioned above, make sure that the online jewellery store offers latest designs. Some e-stores let their customers to customize the jewellery. So, if you want to design a special ring for that special person in your life, make sure to opt for e-stores which provide customization of jewellery. Last but not the least make sure that the e-store provides certification for the jewellery you purchased from them. Certification is nothing but a proof that the jewellery is in complete compliance with the said purity. Certification is a must if you are buying diamond jewellery.


By Ramana D Dev


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