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Engagement Rings – Choosing Your Diamond

Getting engaged is a truly vital event in any man, or woman’s life. There are many ways for the man to show his love and to propose to the woman, but in most cases he will offer an engagement ring. In the vast majority of cases that ring will be set with a diamond. For 100’s of years now diamonds have been treasured for their beauty, rarity and durability and even though the tradition of giving diamond engagement rings is less than a hundred years old, it is almost universally established in the western world.

Nowadays  many couples choose an engagement ring together. but if you decide you wish to choose a ring before proposing, you need to carefully get as much information about what your prospective fiancée likes in the way of jewellery  The vast majority of engagement rings feature a round cut brilliant diamond, so unless you have got clear information that hse likes another shape of diamond, this is going to be the safest choice in terms of diamond shape.

Once you have decided on a shape, you will have to make sure that the ring and more particularly the diamond you choose are the very best you can get for your money. Unless your budget is fairly modest, (under about $400) it is always going to be best to choose a diamond separately and then choose a setting for it. Many quality online jewellers will allow you to do this, whilst offering the very best prices.

When choosing, make sure you know a little about the 4C’s which are used to assess the quality of a diamond. If you want more detailed information, then please check out this video.


The Four C’s of Diamonds

Let’s have a look at the four C’s, their role and how they affect the price.


Cut is by far the most important of the 4Cs. The cut of a diamond defines how much of the light that enters the diamond is reflected back to the viewers eyes, either as a flash of white light, or as a prism of colours. Almost all jewellers are agreed that you should choose the best cut diamond that you can even when it means sacrificing some quality on the other factors.


A diamond’s color ranges from colourless to yellow. This colour is classified as D for colourless, through to Z for a diamond having a string yellow tinge. The whiter a diamond is the more valuable it becomes, but with the naked eye, a diamond will appear colourless even if it is a H colour, so think carefully before investing to much of your budget in purchasing a D colour diamond.


A carat is quite simply the unit of weight used to measure diamonds. More carats equals a heavier diamond, although by using an inferior cut to make the top surface of the diamond bigger a lighter diamond can be made to appear larger. Beware of this as there is always a compromise in the quality of the cut and there in the brightness and sparkle of the diamond.



The fewer blemishes (internal and external flaws) the more a diamond will be worth. As with the colour, is is not until 4th or 5th grade  (VS1 or VS2) that the imperfections will be visible to the naked eye.


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