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How to Buy an Engagement Ring

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How to Buy an Engagement Rings


Buying an engagement ring is a big step; it means you have found the person you want to be with forever and you want them to know it. While falling in love is the stuff of fairy tales, the practicalities of buying an engagement rings are all too real. Often an engagement ring is the first piece of fine jewelry that a man will ever buy, and with this particular piece of jewelry being so symbolic, it is important to choose wisely. The first thing many men consider is the look of the ring, typically seeing something that they like. But bear in mind that it is your partner who will be wearing the ring, so it is important for it to be one that she will love. It is also important that it be comfortable to wear. The ring must also be robust enough to withstand daily wear, particularly during your engagement, and be affordable at the same time as being an investment that reflects your commitment to her. So what practical factors should be considered first? Let’s examine a few:


There is little that is romantic about finances. However, it is important to establish what your budget is for your engagement ring. A good engagement ring budget rule of thumb is for the groom-to-be to set aside between two and three months’ salary. If you are fortunate enough to have a greater budget, it is likely you will still have a limit on what you are prepared to spend. Once your budget is established, it is much easier to focus on engagement rings that fall within budget range.

Ring Size

As your bride-to-be will be wearing her ring every day during her engagement, it is important that it actually fits her finger well, so ring sizing is important. Too small and the ring will be uncomfortable and may even get stuck on her finger. Too large and it can fall off and be lost. To help determine the correct size, this Ring Sizing Guide can be very helpful. While it is best to choose a ring that fits well in the first place, finger size is known to change, for example during pregnancy.

Matching Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

This area begins to move somewhat into the aspect of style preference, but the idea of matching engagement rings and matching wedding bands has a very practical basis nonetheless. Some brides (as well as some grooms!) like to have order in their life and therefore prefer matching bridal sets. If your bride-to-be prefers to have her jewelry coordinate, then this is something to bear in mind from the beginning. Fortunately, there are a plenty of engagement rings available, including those at My Love Wedding Ring, which also have matching wedding rings, too. In addition, complete bridal sets of wedding jewelry are also available along with earrings and necklaces to complement the rings.

Choosing the Right Jeweler

Once you have determined your budget, established the ring size needed and decided whether the engagement ring will need to be part of a matching set of jewelry, the next aspect is to think about the jeweler that you buy from. For such a precious piece of jewelry, you want to work with a jeweler that is honest, reliable, helpful and very importantly makes beautiful jewelry. At My Love Wedding Ring, you will find all of these attributes and more. As jewelers, we take pride in creating beautiful, well-crafted jewelry using solid precious metals, natural gemstones and conflict free diamonds. A 60-day money back guarantee is available along with a lifetime warranty on fine jewelry. We can provide free ring sizing and free ring engraving along with free and timely shipping! Jewelry is packaged in a beautiful presentation box, and a jewelry care kit is supplied along with a gift card, making it ready for you to present to your beloved.

Engagement Ring Styles

You have decided to make a commitment to her and ask for her hand in marriage. You have decided your budget, calculated her ring size, have a good idea of whether she will want a matching engagement and wedding ring set and found a jeweler that you trust. Now that the practicalities of engagement ring buying have been taken care of, it is time for the tricky bit: choosing the style of engagement ring for your bride-to-be.

Doing your homework

It is important to get an idea of what jewelry style your bride-to-be has. Look at the jewelry she wears: Is it simple, traditional, modern, chic, subtle, bold, ornate, colorful? Ask her friends, her mom, or her sister what they believe her style is. Have a sneak peek into her jewelry box, particularly at the pieces that never see the light of day, as those are good pointers for what to avoid. Once you have gathered all this background knowledge, you are then in a much better place to choose a style of ring that will be just right for your bride-to-be.

Ring Styles and Designs

An engagement ring is typically made of a precious metal, upon which is set at least one gemstone. There are millions of different styles of gemstone engagement rings, but engagement rings tend to fall into three general categories, so we will focus on these:

Solitaire Engagement Rings: These are one of the most classic style of engagement rings, a single gemstone, often a diamond, held in a beautiful setting on a band of precious metal. The symbolism is clear: there is only one. While this is a very established type of ring, the style of the solitaire engagement ring can be either be very traditional — for example, a four prong setting holding the ring in a basket of precious metal set upon a delicate band — or completely modern, such as a chic bezel set diamond on a simple band. A solitaire engagement ring can be a very safe choice of ring, as it is easy to wear, can suit almost any lifestyle and, if the style of setting is chosen to suit your bride-to-be, can complement her existing style easily.

Three-Stone Rings: Another very symbolic style of ring, which makes it perfect for an engagement ring, is the three-stone engagement ring with gemstones representing the past, present and future of your life together. The stones can either be equal in size, although this is currently not so fashionable, or, as is most common, the central stone is dominant and flanked by two often contrasting gemstones. An oval central gemstone flanked by two round gemstones, such as oval sapphire engagement rings, gives the ring a more traditional look. For those looking for a more modern take on the style, a round central gemstone flanked by round contrasting gemstones is an ideal choice, such pink sapphire engagement rings.

Halo Setting Rings: Prior to the dominance of solitaire diamond engagement rings, the cluster engagement ring was one of the most popular styles of ring. With a bold central stone surrounded by smaller contrasting stones, the cluster ring was put firmly back on the engagement ring map with Princess Diana’s iconic sapphire and diamond engagement ring now being worn by Kate Middleton. These rings are very bold choices but also very beautiful and stylish.

Engagement Rings with Sidestones: Any of these engagement ring styles described above can be made more ornate by having the band of the ring adorned with gemstones. Engagement rings with sidestones are very modern looking, and with their extra sparkle they can turn a very simple ring, such as a solitaire ring, into something very special indeed. 

Establishing the style of engagement ring that will best suit your bride-to-be can seem daunting at time, but by doing your homework and then looking at the styles available, you will find a selection that is perfect for your loved one.

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Perfect Diamond Engagement Rings


You’ve finally decided to take that giant step and propose to the woman you love. You’re trying to decide where, when and how to propose. Proposing for marriage is a precious moment, and you want to make sure everything goes just right. But there’s just one problem – you haven’t a clue as to the type of diamond engagement ring you should buy for your future bride! There are so many colors, styles and shapes to choose from with diamond rings, so we’ve put together this helpful guide for choosing diamond engagement rings – just for you.

What’s Her Style in Diamond Jewelry?

Observe her diamond jewelry tastes for a while. Does she like contemporary ring styles or more traditional rings? Engagement rings have taken on many designs in recent years, but some women prefer the traditional solitaire diamond engagement ring that has never gone out of style. The cut of the diamond engagement ring is also important. There are princess cuts and round cuts.

For the diamond shape, does she like elongated shapes such as oval or marquise? Or, does she prefer round, pear-shaped or square? The number one choice of brides is round diamonds, but times are changing! There are even heart-shaped diamonds and other unique shapes. Clusters of diamonds are also available as opposed to the solitaire diamond ring.

Consider the size of her hand and fingers as well. If she has small, short hands a bold style or wide band could make her hands look even smaller.

Color Choices for Diamond Engagement Rings

There are several colors to choose from when shopping for a diamond engagement ring. Yellow gold, white gold and silver are the most popular diamond ring metals. Again, observe the jewelry she wears on a daily basis to get an idea of the type of jewelry she likes. Also, find out if she has any skin allergies to certain metals. If you’re still not sure, buy a diamond engagement ring that would blend well with her other favorite jewelry such as bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces, etc.

The Matching Set: Diamond Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

Many diamond engagement rings come in a set with a matching wedding band. Buying the set is a good idea because you might save money. Also, buying her a wedding band along with her diamond ring shows your dedication and commitment to go through with the marriage. It might not seem important to you at the time, but to her it will mean everything!

Get the Right Size

Be sure to find out her left ring finger size before buying the ring. Maybe you can ask her the ring size at a “non-serious” moment, but be careful. She might get suspicious. Or, you could ask a friend or relative to find out for you. Don’t forget to swear them to secrecy!

Get a Practical Diamond Engagement Ring

Be sure to choose a diamond engagement ring that’s practical for everyday living. Consider her lifestyle and the type of work she does with her hands. Does she wear gloves in winter? A tall stone with prongs could snag her clothing (or your clothing). A fussy ring could annoy her after a while. So, keep it simple. Remember, she will wear this ring every day for many, many years to come!

Buying any jewelry such as diamond engagement rings, anniversary rings, etc. can be stressful if you’re not sure what to buy. Use the tips above to choose a diamond engagement ring she’ll adore for a lifetime.

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Right Hand Diamond Engagement Rings

A Diamond ring happens to be the best present as an Engagement Ring. The Right hand Engagement Diamond Ring seems to be the darling of the Diamond Jewelry market and its sales are touching all time highs. This Right hand diamond Ring is associated with the modern independent Career Woman who stands for the Success, Strength and self assertiveness and Freedom.

This old- but renewed product that is projected as the symbol of the eternal Love is opposed to the old style Diamond engagement Rings and the Diamond anniversary Bands. It is designed to be worn on a different hand but its design is also entirely different. The Design of the Right hand  diamond engagement rings is entirely different from the matrimonial Rings. It is designed with more open spaces, smaller Gemstones that are arranged in such a way that it reflects the personality and individuality of the Wearer.

The Right hand Diamond engagement Rings followed the Diamond engagement Rings that were made wearable by both the men and women who are about to be get married. These Rings were made a symbol of the new era of independent Women who were successful along side the men. The diamond ring at the right Hand makes the new liberated Woman think that the left hand ring stands for the labors that marriage brings along while the right hand Ring reads as the careless, joyful side of life.

These Right hand Diamond Engagement Rings are also made attractive to the Men by telling them that they are encouraged to buy a Gift for their wives that will flatter not only their need for love proofs but also the thought of being valued and respected as an independent person, and not a nice accessory to men or a house decor item.

The trend has been set even if the man is not married but has a love relationship it is a must for him to buy and present a Right hand ring to his lover as a proof of his love and a symbol of his commitment to her. These Right hand Diamond Rings being a symbol of love it also attracted the unusual man and man Gay Lovers and girl and girl lovers also.

Any marketing with the human vanity as the basis has done extremely well and this technique has been effectively used to create a trend among the humans for the marketing of a product just by declaring and reinforcing the thought that these right Hand Engagement Diamond Rings are a must buy and Gift to maintain the relationship.


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Engagement Rings – History

Most people don’t have any idea about the origin of their engagement rings. Although that they are giving it with integrity, love and commitment, they might have no real knowledge about the history behind them.

Here are some informations how an engagement ring had developed until it reached the peak of its popularity.

The Birth Of Engagement Rings

Today’s engagement rings have their own stories. Basically, engagement rings have been known by many different names. They symbolized a variety of different things and have not always been of precious metals and stunning gems.


The ancient Greeks are thought to have been the forerunners in the rising of the traditional engagement rings. Given as a token of care and affection, the rings used by the Greeks were known as betrothal rings and were given before marriage. However, the giving of these rings was not always a pre-requisite to marriage and was often given in the same way as a friendship ring might be given today. Furthermore, most engagement rings with rare bands were worn by royalty.


As seen by their use of the wedding ring, ancient Romans were not considered as the most sentimental of people, and the early version of their “engagement ring” were thought to have carved keys on them. It has been debated that this could have been to symbolize the right of the woman to access and own half of everything, following marriage. Thus, this ring is given to the right and deserving woman . However, the more sentimental like to think that the key may have been a key to her husband’s heart.


Engagement rings as we know them today with stunning gems engraved in precious metals had grew their popularity at around the fourteenth and fifteenth century. It was the time when the affluent and the royals began to exchange and wear these jewels. However, these items were so expensive that nobody other than the royals and the higher class could afford to exchange them. It was to be many centuries before these engagement rings would become more popular or traditional.


In geometry, circle has no beginning and no end unless it is being cut, if that happens, it is not a circle anymore. The purpose of engagement rings and wedding bands is to convey deep emotions of eternal love, eternal happiness, eternal commitment, and eternal togetherness. In fact, these rings signify eternity – between the giver and the recipient. And, since folklore has it that the fourth finger of the left hand has a vein leading directly to the heart, it is only natural that engagement rings would be worn on this particular finger, which was once reputed to be a direct route to the heart.

With these particular informations about the history of an engagement ring, couples must understand that wearing it is like receiving the responsibility of a lifetime commitment. It is not just an ordinary ring because behind it is the deep meaning of true love that lasts for a lifetime.


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Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings – Some Important Buying Tips

Wedding rings are exchanged during the marriage ceremony and it tells the world that now you are someone’s other half. It is a ring which is worn by both bride and groom for the rest of the life and hence it should be selected very carefully. And here are few tips which will help you in selecting your ring in a smart way.


Know your budget

Before you go for shopping you must set your budget. By establishing your budget you can easily shop for your wedding ring and it will also narrow down your choices. Always remember that the metal and stone which you will select for your wedding and engagement rings will depend on the price. And in case if your budget is low then you must select gold ring for your lady instead of platinum.


Select right metal for your ring

Today you can find wedding rings in wide variety of metals. But the most popular metals are yellow gold, white gold, titanium and platinum. But among all these metals gold are considered to be traditional and titanium are best for those couples who are looking for affordable rings or are allergic to certain metals. But you must also keep in mind before selecting your metal that which metal will look best on your lady’s hand and you must also make sure that it must suit her skin tone.


Pick a right style for your ring

You can find variety of styles in ring such as plain, thin, rounded, thick and squared. But before selecting the style of your ring you must make sure that your lady is comfortable with the ring and you must also make sure of her personal style.


If your lady wears suits most of the time then you must select a ring which suits more with formal dress and if she wears casual then you must select a ring that will complement more to casual wardrobe. You must also make sure that your wedding ring must compliment your engagement ring which you have chosen already.


Take your own time

After engagement it is common of planning about wedding ceremony and reception. And the most important aspect of your planning is buying wedding rings. Always remember that you must never shop for your ring at the last moment. You must start shopping for your ring at least two months before your wedding date. And in case if you want something different from the crowd and you are planning to design a ring then you must start your shopping four months before your wedding date.


Shop around

Before buying your ring you must visit different jewelry stores. You must compare the rings and its prices and must find out which store has the best collection and the right ring for your lady. You can also buy your ring online. But if you are buying your ring online then you must make sure of their return policy and you must also keep in mind that the website from where you are buying your ring is reputed.


Purchasing wedding ring for your partner is a daunting task but at the same time it is fun also. Always remember that you must keep these few points in your mind before buying your ring so that you do not have to face any trouble.


By Joule Cena



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Best Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands: Traditions and Trends


The wedding ring is a time-honored tradition, with roots dating back to the Roman Empire. Originally, the wedding band symbolized “ownership”, or “belonging to another” and indicated a contract had been made with another person to spend their lives together as husband and wife. Over time the meaning and symbolism has changed. Today, the roundness of the wedding band is said to indicate the eternal nature of marriage, and the never-ending love and bond that a couple share through marriage.


It was during the Victorian period that the wedding band came to be recognized as a symbol of love over an indication of a contract. Not surprisingly, it was during this time that arranged marriages became less popular and women and men had more freedom to choose their partners for love and friendship rather than for financial security or social prosperity. However, it was not until more recent times, that of about World War I, that the exchange of wedding rings between man and woman took on the meaning and symbolism that the rings carry today.


Wedding Ring Trends

Over time, along with the change in symbolism, came a change in attitude about what rings should look like as well. While today, the most popular rings are still made of gold, silver, or platinum, there are also new metals and styles available to suite every lifestyle and fashion sense.


Because most brides receive the best engagement rings, the wedding bands often compliment the engagement ring style and also match each other to some degree. While this is not a hard and fast rule, generally, a man’s and woman’s rings which they exchange are similar in look and metal, too.


What is still the most popular band – one that could be described as a “plain” or “simple” gold band, actually has its roots in Jewish tradition. According to Jewish custom, a wedding ring must be a plain gold band in order to properly represent the purity of the union between man and woman. (For Christians, a similar wedding band was adopted by order of the Pope in 860AD, which required the groom to contribute a gift to the bride.)


There are also numerous other options available, including bands created from durable or interesting metals (such as tungsten carbide wedding bands, or titanium wedding bands) or bands that are designed incorporating diamonds, birthstones, or other precious gems.


For those wishing to exchange wedding rings in the latest styles, the most recent wedding band trends include:


• Rings that appear to be stacked on top of each other, in order to look like multiple rings are being worn

• Bands that incorporate colored stones.

• Bands with detailed engraving or vintage-inspired etching

• Eternity-style bands, or bands that incorporate multiple diamonds

• Bands that used mixed metals or finishes (for example, yellow gold and platinum)

• Custom-designed wedding bands to reflect the couples style and personalities


It is still very popular to have an engraved message placed in a band as well. While many opt for their impending anniversary date, many also choose to engrave a small quote, a name, or a simple “I do” on the inside of their bands.


One final note to consider when choosing your wedding band, is to allow for enough time before your wedding to ensure that sizing of the bands, and any customization can been done before the big day arrives. A good suggestion is to purchase your bands at least six weeks before your wedding day, although even more time may be needed for very unique or intricate custom work.

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Wedding Rings For Men – Stainless Steel Bands

There are many factors to consider when selecting wedding rings for men. Many bands these days are designed with men’s style in mind, so these rings are not only for weddings but also for fashion accessories any man would be proud to wear. They are usually made of materials such as cobalt, chrome, palladium, titanium and tungsten as well as conventional metals such as gold, platinum and silver. However, there are also rings made of stainless steel.


Stainless Steel Wedding Rings

Wedding bands made of steel are very popular right now. They have many features that make them an attractive choice for many men. They tend to be low in price compared to others. They also tend to be more comfortable to wear than rings made of soft metals such as gold.


Steel bands can also accommodate many different looks. For instance, men who like black rings can choose a ring that combines black PVD and stainless steel or find one made of black-plated steel. Those who prefer a little engraving to further reflect their personalities can choose from a number of designs such as diamond patterns, wave patterns or even spiders. If one likes a more subdued style, he can choose a black band with a small CZ stone.


Pros and Cons Of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is very durable, which is very important for a ring that is to be worn for years. Whether it is a simple design or a personally engraved, this material is meant to last and withstand the demands of wear. Furthermore, any distinguishing marks of the ring should remain visible and intact.


However, one must be careful where he gets his band. Some designs cannot be resized, so it is important to get the right size, especially if ordering online. It is also important to find a band from a reputable jeweler to find a quality ring because there are some that use cheap material, particularly with black rings. This material can begin to chip and fade after a while, so the buyer should consider the ring’s finish before buying.


Of course, steel is only one of many choices when it comes to wedding rings for men. One must consider the benefits and disadvantages of this substance when deciding if it is ideal for that important day. This is a ring that will be worn for years, so it must come as close to perfect as possible. Check out engagement rings info online.





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5 Top Tips to Buy Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings


By Steven Andrews


Engagement rings and wedding ring is most loving for all. For many of the people it is symbolic piece of jewelry that they want to wear all the time. It is most important for them and they cannot even live without it. It is therefore important for them that they choose the wedding ring that looks beautiful and is designed smartly.


If you are looking to buy the ring you should select it very carefully. There are some of the points that you should care for while choosing and ordering your wedding ring making.


– First of all you should give the proper measurements of your finger. This ensures the perfect size of ring which is easy and comfortable to wear. You should ask the professional jeweler to take the accurate size so that you get the perfect ring for you.


– Next there is a need to determine the budget and metal you want for your ring. The metal of the it can be judged by the budget you have. Gold and platinum metals are popular and precious of all. But if you want some cheap wedding rings you can also go with silver or gold polished ring that suits your budget well.


– Then you should also look for the weight and durability of the ring you want. This again is dependent upon the money you want to invest on your ring. Ring is the ring that is not purchased frequently. So if you can afford a bit you should go with buying gold or platinum rings that are most durable.


– You should also choose the weight of the ring according to the size and make of your finger. If you are having thick fingers you should invest some more in your ring so that you should get the ring that looks perfect when you wear.


– Then you should also look for the design of ring you want. You should choose the design that looks great at your personality.


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Two Tone Diamond Rings – Beautiful and Unique Engagement Rings Info

Walking down the aisle is not that easy. You must have some preparations and tons of wedding ideas to make it memorable. They say wedding is not for every woman, choosing the right man to share your life with for the rest of your life is something worth waiting. One of the most important part before the wedding is the proposal. You will not just ask someone to marry you without the ring. To make it special, why not get a two tone engagement ring?


Rings are important part of tradition and one must look for ring style that will represent their lives together. These rings regardless of the actual price are priceless because of the sentimental values. Two tone metal bands are good alternative for a metal band. Its unique color that complements the gems stones used in the ring can bring out the beauty in any engagement rings info.


Diamonds are usually colorless. The clarity and the color distribution of each diamonds are determinants of the quality of the gem stone. Diamonds are weighed according to carat. Diamonds comes in many different colors.


Diamonds with pink tones are quite expensive compared to other diamonds because of its rarity. The unique beauty of this kind of diamond is quite enchanting especially for woman. Pink brings out the woman in every bride and giving an engagement ring with such diamond in pink tone is great. Fancy yellow diamond is a good choice too.


Diamonds are available in blue, orange, green, champagne, grey, black, red, purple, violet and chameleon. Unlike any other gems, using multi-colored diamonds for the ring enhances the beauty and gives class to the wearer.


Diamonds are usually the gem used for rings. Regardless of the metal bands, the diamond is always associated with immortality and giving a ring to the woman you love mean you want to be with her forever.


Engagement rings are supposed to be unique, including the memories and sentiments that is associated with the ring. Engagement rings are supposed to be the woman’s priceless possession. Two tone diamond rings is a great choice for the woman you love. Usually engagement rings with diamonds are quite expensive. The fear of wearing such expensive jewels will make you feel uncomfortable.


Engagement rings such as these needs to be insured to assure the wearer that her priceless possession will not be taken away from her.


By Pam Kazmierczak


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Why Pink Diamond Best Engagement Rings Are So Rare


Link - pink engagement rings


By Dirk Rendel

A precious few of these diamonds are mined in Africa,Brazil and India. The remainder of the worlds naturally occurring pinks come from the Argyle diamond mine in Western Australia from a volcanic pipe in the remote Kimberly Region. Many of these stones come from the Argyle diamond mine today. About ninety percent of the pink gems on the market today trace their roots back to the Argyle diamond mine.


Very few of the pink diamonds on today’s market are produced naturally. Pink diamonds are just as hard to create even with the treatment and diamond enhancement methods of the modern era. These gems are formed deep within the earth. They are formed during a point of production of carbon in the earths crust, combined with certain curtain minerals and composites. These minerals or inclusions become trapped as the diamond crystallizes. With the minerals safely trapped within the crystal, they are safe from becoming vaporized by the heat. It is these inclusions which give the diamond its color. The diamond forms under intense pressure and heat, causing the carbon to crystallize. Needless to say this is a lot of stuff that needs to happen before a that kind of ring can even be created.


Most of the diamonds we see today are colorless. There are other colors of diamonds such as brown diamonds, but the demand is much lower for these diamonds. Blue diamonds are pretty rare as well, but the conditions needed to create a pink diamond happen in nature less than even the conditions needed to create a majestic blue diamond. Fancy pink grade or better diamonds make up an even smaller percent of the market, and even rarer then this would be the fancy pink intense grade diamond. Some people opt for a treated diamond, in an effort to save money, but the price difference is hardly any difference, if at all. This is because the rough needed to create a pink one are themselves also rare and expensive. With careful shopping however one might find an affordable best engagement rings.


Should you be looking for a one, be sure to check around at different locations, as demand can differ from place to place for pink diamonds. You may be able to find a better deal on these rare pink diamond rings at online shops, which carry much less overhead expenses then a traditional brick and mortar store. I hope this helps you understand why a pink diamond ring is so rare.




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