The Value of Antique Wedding and Engagement Rings


Quality is a word that has seen surges in popularity. Sometimes quality is compromised in lieu of quantity or for a better prices. However quality will always pay off in the long run by lasting longer, holding value longer and possible even appreciating over time. It is not uncommon for a vintage item to quadruple its original price just over a few decades if it is crafted with the best materials and quality. This is why antique wedding rings are such a hot item on today’s market.


The vintage jewelry is usually are crafted with quality techniques that are rarely employed anymore as well as with high quality materials. Filigree techniques that were common in previous years have fallen to the wayside. Recent trends are bringing back some of the techniques however they normally cannot compare to some of the painstaking hand crafted detail in the original works. Other techniques have been all together lost to time and cannot be redone because no one knows how to. This is always a sad reality however it can make an antique priceless.


The gems used were normally of vary high quality. Not many people purchased diamonds decades ago compared to the amount of people that purchase them now. Now days many flaws that would have been unacceptable to a diamond purchaser of old is common. The increase for demand for gems has caused producers to pass lower and lower quality of stones. Many antique wedding rings are sought after for the stone alone. The high quality stone will often be removed from the original setting and placed in a more contemporary setting. Often a consumer can see real savings creating a new setting in this manner, as a new stone of the same quality is often very expensive.


Even when a jeweler is skillful recreations of the older pieces still tend to lack that original charm. The looks can be recreated but never really duplicated. Many couples will opt to pass down a nuptial setting throughout the generations. In many cases the jewelry has real monetary value but it is mostly a case where the sentimental value becomes invaluable.


There are many reasons to have or to look for antique wedding and engagement rings. It could be a keepsake passed down over the generations. It could be a rare find of an extinct craft. Whatever the choice is for acquiring one it is sure that it will be a beautiful piece.


By Vincent O’Neil


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