Top 10 Ways to Propose Marriage

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Below are the top 10 ways to propose marriage:

– In the event that you have beaches that are close by you could take her there right before sunset. Enjoy a nice ride with easy going music in the car. When the sun sets take out the ring and propose.

– One of the best top 10 ways to propose marriage is to plan an extensive treasure hunt. You can start the hunt out by giving your soon to be partner in marriage the first clue. Be sure not to make the clues easy and not to difficult. When your partner comes to the last place be there waiting holding the ring out in your hand ready to propose.

– Another one of the best ways to propose marriage to her is too go out on a boat ride. Take her somewhere and then fake the boat being stuck after “much struggling” finally say something along the lines of “without you in my life I would feel like I was stranded on an island that no ship ever came to pass” {bride to be name here}, will you marry me.

– A classic and one of the most effective top 10 ways to proposal is getting down on one knee and asking your girl to marry you. Although repetitive it does tend to work almost every time.

– Here’s yet another sure fire way to win your lover with this marriage proposal. Simply layout some rose petals and or other flowers on your front lawn spelling about “Will You Marry Me”. Trust me; your lover is going to absolutely love this. This is certainly one of the top 10 ways to propose marriage.

– Take your lover to a special place where you can easily shout and hear your echo without disturbance. Start off with something like “I Love you”, let her answer and then when she’s done stand behind her and shout as loud as you can “Will You Marry Me”. When she turns around have the jewelry box open with you on one knee presenting her with your engagement ring. Follow the evening up with a spectacular dinner at a great restaurant.

– Another option from our list of the top 10 best ways propose marriage is to setup a nice dinner at her favorite restaurant and have it accompanied by a violinist or pianist and as you order desert have the waiter bring out a dish with the wedding ring on it. Make sure the box is open for you to take the ring and has rose petals surrounding it. Now all that’s left is to “pop the question”.

– If you really want to impress your soon to be wife considering having a plane spell your proposal in the air for you. Yes, those magic words “will you marry me”!

– One of the most common top 10 ways to propose is going where the two of you first met. When you go to the place where you first met her reminisce for a few moments and then take out the engagement ring, get down on one knee, and ask her to marry you.

– Last but not least on our list of top 10 ways to propose marriage is to create a memory book. Take a note book and make it like a diary of your time together. Towards the end cut out the center of enough pages to fit a ring in and as you turn to that page ask her to marry you.