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How Does Best Engagement Rings Insurance Work?

How Does Best  Engagement Rings Insurance Work?

By Jared Paventi

So You Have the Ring. Now What?


With the cost of, and appreciation on, best engagement rings, it makes sense to protect your investment. Many jewelers have appraisers on site. If it is possible, have the jewelry store’s appraiser make an appraisal of the ring. This appraisal will state the description, diamond certification and specifications, and value of the ring. When signed by the appraiser, this is a legal document.


Jewelry appraisers not affiliated with the sale of the ring will charge for their services. In many cases, customers can negotiate the price of the appraisal as part of the sale price.


Getting Insurance

Most homeowners’- and renter’s-insurance policies carry the ability to add a jewelry rider, which provides for full replacement of the ring with no deductible while taking appreciation into account. Separate jewelry policies can be taken out, and may be advertised by the jeweler. The cost of the policy is based on the full appraised value of the ring and whether the policy will appreciate with the value of the ring. As jewelry often gains value over time, opting to purchase insurance that appreciates with the ring is advisable.


Placing a Claim

In the case of loss, theft or damage to the ring, the holder of the policy will make a claim. As with an insurance claim for cars or houses, a report is made to the insurance company. It is investigated and the claim is paid directly to the policyholder.

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How to Design an Engagement Rings

When designing an engagement rings, consider the shape of the stone, the thickness of the ring, the metal it will be made of and the matching wedding band design. Come up with a design for an engagement ring with tips from an experienced jeweler in this free video on wedding jewelry.

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Who’s Who – Engagement Rings Info

Who’s Who – Engagement Rings Info

Tiffany & Co. was founded by Charles Lewis Tiffany in 1837 and is considered one of the world’s finest jewelry companies. It is famous for its wide array of ultra high quality jewelry and its trademark little blue bag. The Tiffany & Co store on 57th avenue in New York City which appeared in the 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s is quite popular with tourists. To be honest, I must admit that Tiffany & Co. makes my knees weak. I don’t think I’m alone in this. There’s something about getting one of those little blue bags that seems to set off a joyful chemical reaction in women’s brains. I really can’t explain it…it just happens.

Vera Wang got her start in the fashion industry working for fashion elite such as Vogue and Ralph Loren. She eventually went out on her own selling high-end, fashionable wedding dresses. However, she has expanded her business to include other items and more recently moved into designing engagement rings for Bailey Banks and Biddle.

Barry Verragio studied at the reknowned Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. He worked for several years in the jewelry industry prior to proposing to his current wife. In order to make her ring, he invented a new technique which suspended the diamond above the ring. The engaged couple received so many compliments on the rings, that Barry decided to start his own company based on the ring he designed for Tanya. Many years later, the couple as well as the Verragio jewelry company are still going strong.

Haig Tacori came to America in 1970 and has developed a reputation for exceptional platinum jewelry designs. Tacori rings have been featured on the popular television series, The Bachelor.

Scott Kay led the resurgance in popularity of platinum engagement rings. He is known as one of America’s most popular bridal jewelers. His affordable designs are within the reach of most consumers.

Ritani engagement rings are all about style and comfort. I particularly like the look of the rings from the Endless Love Collection. With a host of classy styles and a range in pricing, Ritani is sure to win over many fans.

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Love With Diamond Engagement Rings Info

By Dirk Rendel


Diamond eternity rings symbolize unwavering, steadfast love and are some of the most popular choices for anniversary rings. It is typically worn by the wife and is characterized by a continuous or “eternal” line of specially cut, identical diamonds. As it symbolizes unending love, the eternity ring is usually presented by the husband during milestone wedding anniversaries.


History of the Eternity Style Ring

Diamond eternity rings first came to life during the 1960s. The popular diamond seller, De Beers came up with the concept when the prevailing trend in wedding rings at the time was setting a large singular gem onto the ring piece. It was an inherent agreement between De Beers and theSoviet Unionthat birthed the eternity ring. The Soviets required the company to purchase around 90% of their rough uncut diamonds in exchange for control over a large portion of the world supply for diamonds. These rough diamonds were generally smaller in Carats, prompting the company to start a brand new campaign that eventually led to the creation of eternity rings. At the time, these diamond eternity rings were made with older married females as the target market.


Full Style vs. Half Style

Many found that having several diamonds set around the ring was quite cumbersome. This prompted the development of an alternative style which placed the precious gems only on the face portion of the ring.


Full Styles

This is the conventional eternity ring design which sets the diamonds around the ring. While it is cumbersome for some people, it still remains to be a popular choice amongst women. There are several settings that conform to the traditional full style, most of which make it seem like the diamonds are floating endlessly around the wearer’s finger. To decrease the cumbersome and often uncomfortable feeling, manufacturers usually set smaller diamonds on those diamond rings.


The nature of the full design makes it more challenging to make compared to the half style ring. These rings cannot be re-sized easily, making the number of diamonds to be used, as well as the number of carats, highly dependent on the size of the ring. Ultimately, the more diamonds and carats there are, the pricier the ring.


Half Styles

The half style ring answers the need of removing the inherent discomfort of full style rings while keeping to the overall symbolism of the ring. Because the diamonds are only set across the face portion of the ring, half style diamond eternity rings are undeniably much easier to make and more affordable than their full style counterparts. While the full style is well suited for small stones, larger stones can be set in half style rings. Furthermore, more and more women now prefer the half style ring since it openly displays all of the precious gems.


The Ring for All Time

While diamonds are the usual choice for these rings, other stones like emeralds and sapphires can also be designed into these wonderful pieces of jewelry. Other designs predominantly use diamonds while adding in a few other types of gems. Couples can use many shapes and cuts for their eternity rings, from oblongs, squares and rectangles. To this day, diamond engagement rings info remain to be the most popular anniversary gift of any husband to his wife, with its innate symbolism of unwavering and eternal love.


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