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Wedding Rings For Men – Stainless Steel Bands

There are many factors to consider when selecting wedding rings for men. Many bands these days are designed with men’s style in mind, so these rings are not only for weddings but also for fashion accessories any man would be proud to wear. They are usually made of materials such as cobalt, chrome, palladium, titanium and tungsten as well as conventional metals such as gold, platinum and silver. However, there are also rings made of stainless steel.


Stainless Steel Wedding Rings

Wedding bands made of steel are very popular right now. They have many features that make them an attractive choice for many men. They tend to be low in price compared to others. They also tend to be more comfortable to wear than rings made of soft metals such as gold.


Steel bands can also accommodate many different looks. For instance, men who like black rings can choose a ring that combines black PVD and stainless steel or find one made of black-plated steel. Those who prefer a little engraving to further reflect their personalities can choose from a number of designs such as diamond patterns, wave patterns or even spiders. If one likes a more subdued style, he can choose a black band with a small CZ stone.


Pros and Cons Of Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is very durable, which is very important for a ring that is to be worn for years. Whether it is a simple design or a personally engraved, this material is meant to last and withstand the demands of wear. Furthermore, any distinguishing marks of the ring should remain visible and intact.


However, one must be careful where he gets his band. Some designs cannot be resized, so it is important to get the right size, especially if ordering online. It is also important to find a band from a reputable jeweler to find a quality ring because there are some that use cheap material, particularly with black rings. This material can begin to chip and fade after a while, so the buyer should consider the ring’s finish before buying.


Of course, steel is only one of many choices when it comes to wedding rings for men. One must consider the benefits and disadvantages of this substance when deciding if it is ideal for that important day. This is a ring that will be worn for years, so it must come as close to perfect as possible. Check out engagement rings info online.





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The Value of Antique Wedding and Engagement Rings


Quality is a word that has seen surges in popularity. Sometimes quality is compromised in lieu of quantity or for a better prices. However quality will always pay off in the long run by lasting longer, holding value longer and possible even appreciating over time. It is not uncommon for a vintage item to quadruple its original price just over a few decades if it is crafted with the best materials and quality. This is why antique wedding rings are such a hot item on today’s market.


The vintage jewelry is usually are crafted with quality techniques that are rarely employed anymore as well as with high quality materials. Filigree techniques that were common in previous years have fallen to the wayside. Recent trends are bringing back some of the techniques however they normally cannot compare to some of the painstaking hand crafted detail in the original works. Other techniques have been all together lost to time and cannot be redone because no one knows how to. This is always a sad reality however it can make an antique priceless.


The gems used were normally of vary high quality. Not many people purchased diamonds decades ago compared to the amount of people that purchase them now. Now days many flaws that would have been unacceptable to a diamond purchaser of old is common. The increase for demand for gems has caused producers to pass lower and lower quality of stones. Many antique wedding rings are sought after for the stone alone. The high quality stone will often be removed from the original setting and placed in a more contemporary setting. Often a consumer can see real savings creating a new setting in this manner, as a new stone of the same quality is often very expensive.


Even when a jeweler is skillful recreations of the older pieces still tend to lack that original charm. The looks can be recreated but never really duplicated. Many couples will opt to pass down a nuptial setting throughout the generations. In many cases the jewelry has real monetary value but it is mostly a case where the sentimental value becomes invaluable.


There are many reasons to have or to look for antique wedding and engagement rings. It could be a keepsake passed down over the generations. It could be a rare find of an extinct craft. Whatever the choice is for acquiring one it is sure that it will be a beautiful piece.


By Vincent O’Neil


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Choosing Wedding Rings and Engagement Rings For Your Special Day

Wedding rings have always been and will always be one of the most noticeable outward symbols of a couple’s commitment to each other. And, while looks and stone size are important, couples should still try to insert some practicality into the search for their rings.


Some jewelry stores try to make this search easier by offering wedding sets. These sets include the engagement ring and matching or complementing wedding bands for both the bride and groom. Even if the wedding rings do not match exactly, some part of the pattern will be repeated in the design.


Oftentimes, wedding rings, especially those given to or worn by the bride, are family heirlooms. When this is the case, the bride may have both the wedding ring and the engagement rings, or she may wish to buy an engagement ring that will complement the band.


They can then choose a plain gold or white-gold band for the groom, if they wish.Now for practicality. When choosing wedding rings, it’s very easy to be caught up in the beauty of them and the stone size. However, couples should take into consideration their occupations, and this consideration should include whether or not it is safe or even permissible to wear jewelry of any type because of the nature of the job being performed.


If the wedding rings are such that the engagement ring or the bands have large or numerous stones, consideration should be given as to whether it would be safe to wear them in public or if the chance of theft, by either stealth or force, would be a constant worry. If this is the case, the couple may wish to buy plain gold or white-gold bands for daily wear, saving the set itself for more formal occasions or other times when it would be more feasible to wear them.


By Diana Valentine


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5 Top Tips to Buy Engagement Rings and Wedding Rings


By Steven Andrews


Engagement rings and wedding ring is most loving for all. For many of the people it is symbolic piece of jewelry that they want to wear all the time. It is most important for them and they cannot even live without it. It is therefore important for them that they choose the wedding ring that looks beautiful and is designed smartly.


If you are looking to buy the ring you should select it very carefully. There are some of the points that you should care for while choosing and ordering your wedding ring making.


– First of all you should give the proper measurements of your finger. This ensures the perfect size of ring which is easy and comfortable to wear. You should ask the professional jeweler to take the accurate size so that you get the perfect ring for you.


– Next there is a need to determine the budget and metal you want for your ring. The metal of the it can be judged by the budget you have. Gold and platinum metals are popular and precious of all. But if you want some cheap wedding rings you can also go with silver or gold polished ring that suits your budget well.


– Then you should also look for the weight and durability of the ring you want. This again is dependent upon the money you want to invest on your ring. Ring is the ring that is not purchased frequently. So if you can afford a bit you should go with buying gold or platinum rings that are most durable.


– You should also choose the weight of the ring according to the size and make of your finger. If you are having thick fingers you should invest some more in your ring so that you should get the ring that looks perfect when you wear.


– Then you should also look for the design of ring you want. You should choose the design that looks great at your personality.


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Difference Between Engagement Rings and Wedding Bands

By Imran Al


These two rings are the pillars of a woman’s life. She will take as much pride in them as she would in the other important aspects. Though due to personal choices or latest fashion trends the lines between wedding ring and engagement ring often get blurred however, there are certain differences by the way of which the jewelry stores display them differently. Both constitute the bridal jewelry and often women even choose to wear both the engagement ring and the wedding band together on the ring finger of the left hand.


Engagement rings are purchased when a man chooses to tell that special someone that he is ready to bind their life together and gets a ring to symbolize and seal his affection. Traditionally a ring for engagement consists of a prominent center stone studded in a yellow or white gold band. Sometimes there are smaller stones to grace the big one in a certain kind of pattern. Mostly the first choice for a wedding ring is a diamond but these days rubies, emeralds, sapphires and tanzanite are also being used. The center stone mostly has the maximum prominence in the ring and is the crowning glory; it may be a single one like a solitaire. A solitaire ring is often the way a woman envisions her engagement ring, that towering rock with all its brilliance is what will surely take her breath away. Colored stones aren’t new to these rings however they have become more preferred in the recent times. Other designs include three stoned ring which have not one but three diamonds set together.


Wedding bands are the ones which are exchanged by the couple during their wedding ceremony. In the past they were just meant for the girl, but these days an exchange is preferred. It’s generally a single gold or platinum band without any seam to mark the sanctity of marriage and the bond that will bring two people together sealed by love. These days bands encrusted with diamonds or some intricate carvings are also used. For a woman the wedding band is mostly designed to match the ring as mostly they are worn together on the same finger. Design of the wedding band compliments the engagement rings. Some women also choose to wear the wedding band on the ring finger of the other hand or even the pinkie finger.


An engagement ring is generally that hogs the most attention, though you might look forward to choose a larger wedding ring, as after all it is the bigger celebration. Both can be bought together as a set, some women also choose an enhancer as a wedding band, it’s meant to fit on or around the engagement ring and add to it’s beauty.



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Gold Wedding Rings – A Perfect Symbol Of Love


By Steven Andrews

Are you going to get married soon? If so, are you worrying about the kind of ring you are going to choose for your fiancé? Well, fret no more. The solution is gold wedding rings or love bands. They are simple yet very classy and much in demand these days. More and more people are opting to get this for their loved ones. Designed with care, these wedding rings are definitely the best choice as they can be a good symbol of personalized speciality and they also are durable. You surely would want your wedding ring to be durable and that’s what gold is. Gold is durable and not reactive to most of the things in nature. Nowadays, gold rings or love bands can be even personalized. You can get your lover’s name or your date of your wedding or anything you wish, inscribed on the ring. That would give it a personalized touch and would make your wedding more special.


Wedding love bands are simple and plain in looks but they hold a great importance. It surely will be a great choice. And for men who don’t like much bling, these bands are perfect. They have an elegant style and are long lasting. Also if you find out that you have to reshape it in future or if your gold wedding rings have some edges or uneven ridges, you can get them resized and repaired when ever you want.


These gold wedding bands are found in rose gold, white gold and yellow gold. You can choose whichever suits your budget and tastes best. So go online and choose your ring or hit the jewelry stores. Make your partner feel special and loved by


We believe you need to find the best gold wedding ring and engagement rings in the market and get more for your money. Check today

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Simple Facts About Engagement Rings And Wedding Rings

By Cedric P Loiselle

One of the most exciting things when planning your wedding is choosing your own palladium wedding rings. This is something that will symbolize your commitment for the rest of your lives, so make sure that you make a good choice. If you don’t know where to start, you can always ask some of your family and friends who are already married. You can also browse the internet for some ideas. A lot of websites that specialize in this field will really be a big help. Window shopping is also a good option; take time to look around and ask questions from jewelers. Understanding the difference of each wedding ring will help you come up with a decision. To learn more about it these pieces of jewelry, here are a few simple facts about it:


• The way you wear your wedding ring will depend on the culture and tradition of your country. Some people wear this piece of jewelry on the middle finger of their left hand because anatomically, there is a vein in the middle finger that directs blood straight to the heart. In some places, others usually don’t do this because they believe that it’s cursed. If you’re not sure on how to go about it, it would be best to ask or observe married people.


• If you want to buy cheap engagement rings and wedding rings, don’t shop for it during peak season or go to places where more affordable prices are offered. However, if your partner is not around and you don’t have his or her ring size, you will not be able to accomplish the task. To solve this dilemma, you may ask your significant other to let you borrow a normal ring in their size. Another option would be to draw their ring on a paper which can easily be scanned and sent through email.


• The ideal time to buy a ring would be six months before your actual wedding day. Purchasing it months before will give you the time and money to focus on other important aspects of the upcoming event. Aside from that, this will give you more than enough time to choose the right ring for you and your fiancé.


• If your rings are loose, don’t worry because it can be fixed. If you can’t visit a jeweler as soon as possible, you can buy a ring guard to hold it for the mean time. These pieces of jewelry can be adjusted in many ways. If you want, you can specify a method that you think would be best for the situation.


• Since these things will require you to spend a certain amount, it would be best if you save for it beforehand. If this won’t work, you can just settle for shopping using your credit card. Just make sure that you pay for it when the bills arrive, so that you won’t have any debts.


Buying palladium wedding rings is not that stressful. If you want a good set, take note of the factors that were mentioned above. Just like what people always say, if you want a good outcome, you have to work hard to attain it. Set goals so that you will have something to look forward to and everything will also be more organized this way.



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How to Customize Your Plain Wedding Ring

By Marie Coles

A wedding ring is a significant piece of jewellery for both partners, and customizing it yourself can make that ring even more personal. Making your plain wedding ring more personal and special to both of you is quite easy to do and can be done via a few methods.


Bespoke Jewellery

The internet these days has a lot to offer. One of its offers is creating your bespoke engagement rings and wedding ring online. You can choose style, metal, number of gemstones, type and shape of stones and size all at a click of a button. The only problem is that your ring may look better on screen than reality and there is no advice from jewelers.


Creating your own design through a jeweler is probably the most expensive way of creating a unique wedding ring, but also the most creative. Have a look at few designs throughout history and different cultures and take note of the designs you like. Look at particular ring shapes, metals, engraved geometric or floral patterns and the lay of precious stones. When ready to, sketch the first drawing of the ring of your dreams, and then when happy create a 3d drawing of the ring, from each side. After this, go to your chosen jewelers with your drawing and the technical information (i.e. band shape) and ask him to bring your design to life!


Adding Precious Stones

Alternatively add a precious stone to your wedding rings. If you inherited or bought any unused jewellery with precious stones, you may be able to have these taken out of the jewellery and instead, placed into your ring. Just take the jewellery’s precious stones and your rings to a jeweler and ask for advice. A jeweler will tell you if it’s possible, where they can be placed, where they will look best and the price.



Whether you are just about to take the plunge or have been married a few years, it’s never too late to make your rings more personal. Engraving is easy to do, but it does have to be done by a specialist. It is, however, relatively inexpensive. Before you to get your rings engraved, decide upon the message you wish to have upon it. Remember it’s a secret message between the two of you alone, so it can be a meaningful date, initials, name or a message. This way is probably the most thoughtful way of expressing the sentiment of the rings.



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