The World’s Largest Emerald Cut Diamond

‘The Magnificence’ – world’s largest emerald cut diamond!

Usually 10 carats is considered about the largest size diamond for use in an engagement ring, but here’s something a little larger!

What better introduction to Emerald cut diamonds than a view of the world’s largest.

Seen here in the hand of Laurence Graff owner of the London based, Graff diamond jewellery house.

Its sheer beauty and flawless aspect so captivated the legendary founder, that he immediately named it ‘The Magnificence’.

The flawless stone weighs an awesome 243.96 carats and is of exceptional quality.

As per diamond colour grading ‘The Magnificence’ is of the highest grade – a ‘D’ class diamond – as it is perfectly colourless, and therefore most rare and highly valuable.

It has been classified as ‘Excellent’ by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and has now been sold for an undisclosed sum.